As a UX Designer, you will primarily design the UI and process of using an app. You’ll need to consider the capabilities of the target device as well as how users will interact with your app and prioritize interface design.

UX writers are vital to the success of an app. Changing the copy that you present can greatly change how the user interacts with it.

Whether you are starting to write or already in the process, it pays to explore some guidelines and tips for UX Design.

Practical Tips and Tricks to Improve UX Writing

UX writing is about achieving a goal. You must identify and solve the problem first, which is what wireframes do. Just like UX writing, wireframe’s primary goal is to provide users with an easy, intuitive online experience.

Before you start writing, make sure that you:

  • Have identified the UX problem
  • Understand the goals of the client’s digital product
  • Are familiar with the target audience
  • Know the style and tone of voice you should use.

To write better copy, we have to familiarize ourselves with the following things: rules and best practices, all types of media, methods for achieving the right tone, engaging the reader, maximizing mental models, and attention to detail.

Be Concise

UX designers should always seek the shortest path to their destination – this is not only true for UX writing.

Concise writing is when you shorten your sentences to provide users with a better user experience. Keep in mind that people tend to scan articles and blogs instead of actually reading.

Be Clear and Helpful

Your text needs to be concise, as well as valuable. You need to avoid writing wordy text, as this leads to a bad user experience. Users deserve information so they can make the best choice for themselves. What does your user need to know?

Think about what your users want and how to make your interface simple. By analyzing user patterns, you can remove unnecessary text and make the text on your website clear and useful.

Be Positive

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If you want the user to have a positive feeling when they interact with your brand, then use positive statements.

Don’t just spellcheck your content. You will want to remove unnecessary words from phrases and sentences, such as: “don’t, have,” and “even though.” In these examples, it is the first word on the following line that you should cut.

Be Consistent

One of the most important aspects of UX writing is maintaining consistency. You can only create quality UX text when it aligns with the style and tone you have chosen.

It does not matter how you write the numbers; just be consistent.

Use Active Voice

Passive writing is generally not the best choice for UX writers, as it makes your text less precise, which in turn means that it is poorly suited to your audience and ineffective. Usuaully, active writing will make your text more engaging.

Don’t Get Wordy

When we write, it is easy to assume that everything written is clear and valuable. While reasonable, it is best to reread your text and delete the filler words to create a concise piece of writing.

Adverbs and adjectives don’t add anything to UX text, just delete them.

Use Strong Verbs

However, without adjectives and adverbs it would be hard to emphasize and strengthen your text. The best practice is to use the correct persuasive verb. Strong verbs can help you create compelling CTAs without being wordy.

Use “You” Words

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Speaking of CTAs, there is nothing more convincing than the word “you.” Words and phrases such as “you,” “you will,” “you are,” “you have,” “your,” “yours,” etc., are the best ways to connect with your target audience and let them be the leading character on your UX writing map.

Avoid Articles and Exclamation Points

Don’t worry about using articles or exclamation points. It might sound strange at first but people will still understand what you are saying.

Yes, you can still use exclamation points for emphasis but its use should be limited. Save this for the most important part of your content.

Don’t Use UX Writing to Point Out UI

This is a common mistake among UX designers. There should be no need to point out interface elements through text. If you need to do this, then there is something wrong with your design.

UX is not about explaining the interface. Rather it is about providing valuable and transparent information about the digital product.

Bottom Line

Making your text consistent and use specific phrases are guidelines for UX writing. However, sometimes certain words should be used to increase the reader’s engagement with the content and understand it better.

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