Website Design Cost in India

Organizations need websites in order to have an online presence. Websites need updating twice a year, so redesigning is necessary.

A well-designed website will allow its users to navigate efficiently, keep their users’ attention with appealing visuals, be speedy and responsive for a great experience.

Let’s quickly discuss the important role website design plays in your business.

The Role Of Web Design In A Digital Business

If you want to entice your target audience, make sure to invest in a powerful website design. You need it to attract potential customers and increase web marketing results.

To appeal to users, create a website with attractive graphics and content. In order to reduce 94% of user distrust, your site should have good design.

Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

It is important to plan out your website overhaul. If you make a mistake while doing it, then the results may be worse than before, and solving the problem will take even more time and expense.

To help you avoid mistakes in redesigning your site, I have come up with a list of major mistakes to avoid

Prioritizing Looks Over Functionality

Designing your site in a way that’s easy to navigate and has smart layouts is essential. Whether you want your site to appear as aesthetically pleasing or not is up to you; however, it is important that aesthetics and easy navigability intersect.

Your website’s functionality should be more important than anything else. It should have a good search feature and also be designed so that visitors can quickly find what they’re looking for.

Slow Page Loading Time

If your site is slow, you might lose visitors. Google reports that 53% of mobile website visitors leave a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

This mistake can impact your search engine rankings and create a tech problem if your page takes a long time to load. When designing a new website, make sure to include your developer in the optimization process.

The next step is to assess what technology to use if you want higher outputs in the shortest amount of time. Choosing your target audiences and dividing tasks among individual teams will help you decide which technologies to use.

Not Assessing Which Technology To Use

SEO and web design

In some cases, the best choice for web development is a specific technology. If speed is a priority, React.js may be your best option; Django, on the other hand, may be best suited to help programmers use Python to create a website. In general, developers have more options since the creation of web technologies.

No Clear Targets

One common mistake is not knowing what your site needs or what you can do with a design upgrade. To succeed, you need to go through a website analysis.

You will get a clear picture of what your website needs to look like in the redesign with the Assessment, and can identify which areas need more attention.

When you hire a website design agency, they should have a rough strategy in place for your site before coming up with the design. The designs are always based on the ideas or requests of the client.

You may want to find a website that you can use as reference for your own site. This will describe what you would like the web designer to create for you.

Poor Mobile Experience

This is a big issue in the world of website design. The way that the client views your site from their mobile device makes a big difference in the impression they have of the design. People are now constantly connected.

Out of every two people, one is more likely to use their mobile browser than their desktop browser. The other 60%, or 3 people, is usually on a computer. Mobile-friendly sites are important because 40% of people have already left the webpage, searching for the best experience elsewhere.

57% of users will not recommend a business if they have a poorly designed mobile website. To make an impression that lasts, make your website responsive.

With more than 50% of your site’s traffic coming from mobile, a business needs to have a mobile-friendly presence. 67% of consumers prefer to purchase items from a website that has easy to navigate features, and is user-friendly on all devices.

Not Having an Accurate Budget


Trying to upgrade your website for free is a big mistake. You always have to pay for something. When businesses contact a web design company years ago, they don’t expect to pay the same amount of money as they do now.

It’s important to establish a realistic budget, because website redesign is all about integrating different features on the site, like animations and social media integrations. Websites can also help convert leads into customer sales.

Not Analyzing Your Site

If you have just taken your site up, you cannot just follow the good design practices but also need to analyze site for data analytics and KPIs. This way, you will know all your issues, things which are working as expected and missing scope of work on the site.

It is crucial to measure the data related to your website so that you can identify what has changed since the redesign. This will also help you compare data from before the change occurred.

Not Giving Designers Enough Time

Setting a deadline on new website design work will help ensure the process is not completed for a long period of time. However, you should avoid setting unrealistic deadlines as this will make it impossible to provide quality work.

There are many things to consider when redesigning your website. Approaching custom design might not be the best option if you don’t have ample time, because it will take just as long as a website with predefined templates.

Not Providing Contact Information

The business owner should place a clear contact button in their header with their official phone number.

Add a ‘Contact Us’ link to increase your scope by reducing clicks needed to find contact information and make it easy for customers to reach you online.

Provide options for getting in touch with you, such as submissions, email and phone contact. Responding quickly when people get in contact with you will maintain a strong relationship with your clients.

Unclear Brand Messaging 

Did you know that users form an opinion within .05 seconds of website loading? If they find that they cannot decide whether to visit your website or not, they will click the back button and leave.

This is why it is important to add your products or services together with some confidence-creating elements like industry affiliates, awards and testimonials in clear view.

Wrap Up

These are some of the most important mistakes you have to avoid during a website redesign. Escaping them will help you accomplish what you have strategized for the redesign.

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