One of the best ways to improve your sales is to retarget the visitors you get in a week or even a in a month. Re-targeting visitors has become popular especially with Facebook Ads becoming trendy and being one of the most popular social media around.  In fact, many companies are investing in re-targeting ads on Facebook to bring back customers.

However, this is not just possible with Facebook. Other platforms such as Google Adwords can also be used to retarget audience and boost conversion. The question is, if you’re using the right kind of approach to re-target potential paying customers.

Best Ways To Retarget Visitors To Your Website

Here are some effective ways you can retarget your customers.

Retargeting Based on Search Habits  

Retargeting based on search history is one of the easiest ways to get return customers. In this method customers are retargeted from the search history in a site especially from e-commerce or multi-vendor marketplace site. Later on, you can retarget customers on social media platforms such as Facebook by taking your search preference data on their site.

For example, you can retarget customers when they search for products on Amazon. Soon after their search, you can retarget the users so that they can see ads of their previous searches on their news feed.

Retargeting Using Social Media

Nowadays, people who search on Google get retargeted on their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For example, somebody is looking for a perfect diet plan on Google. Right after this, social media platforms like the above mentioned will begin showing ads for Keto, meal plans and other types of diet ads on their Facebook news feed. This is an effective promotional strategy that can boost a company’s brand and conversion rates.

Twitter also uses a similar methodology for retargeting ads. It starts gathering data from users’ search engine history and then display similar ads based on their interest. Therefore when users start searching using their Twitter bar, the platform automatically retargets them with promoted ads by several companies related to their search interest.

Instagram is another platform that is becoming more popular. It also has come a long way from their beginnings 5 or 6 years ago. Nowadays it also has become a popular retargeting tool for companies who are looking for better conversion.

Just like Facebook and Twitter, users will begin to see ads and promotions based on their search history on their feed. This is a good way to catch their attention while improving conversion and cashing in on the latest trends.

Site Retargeting Ads

Aside from social media, it is also important to lure visitors by retargeting your ads on other websites. This is done by utilizing different information collected by search engines. Data like visitor’s IP, location, subscription, time on site, etc. are collected by search engines and then you can retarget them by showing your ads on other websites.

If you noticed, you can usually see ads of some of the things you searched for when visiting totally different websites.

For example, you can clearly see the advertisement displayed on the right side of the website while the user was checking out blogs on a website. This is a type of site retargeting ad that is run by Adsense and is effective in getting a potential customer’s attention.

Ad Optimizing Techniques

  • Appealing Headline – headlines should grab user’s attention. Make sure that the potential client will want to take time to check it out.
  • Engrossing Copy – retargeting ads means having lots of copy. Most of the time you need to explain your brand in a limited set of characters and this is why you copy needs to be on point. It should describe what you’re offering and give visitors a reason to click.
  • Engaging Media Content – adding a static image or GIF can help potential customers get engaged with the visual offer you’re trying to present. For better result, the visual content should related to the deal your offering as well as to the copy.
  • Catchy CTA – the CTA in your ad should be in a bright contrasting color with a personalized copy on it. The CTA plays a big role in the ad so make sure there is sufficient gap in the ad so that viewers can view them properly.

Every customer to your website was once a visitor. An experienced Sydney internet marketing agency can help you boost your conversion and leads.


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