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Business is more than just making sales nowadays. With the digital age and the recent COVID-19 pandemic, business owners have transitioned to utilising online platforms and entering the digital market for sales boost, network expansion, and increased brand awareness. Fortunately, the readily available technology allows owners to improve their digital platforms for customers.

However, it is more than just creating a website for your business. Since most users are now smartphone owners, another factor to consider is its compatibility with the interface of mobile devices. An article reports that 79% of online searches now come from mobile devices, and mobile traffic has drastically increased since 2016. With these statistics, online store owners must also consider developing a mobile-friendly web design.

Why Having a Mobile-Responsive Web Design Matters

Here are other five (5) reasons why having a mobile-responsive web design matters:

Good User Experiences

No customer enjoys a complex and confusing way of making a purchase. Hence, as an online store owner, investing in a good interface must be a priority as it can convert prospects into customers. A mobile-responsive web design guarantees a positive experience in navigating your platform to its visitors as it can: (1) display all the necessary information about your services and products, (2) provide access to all menus and buttons; and (3) show the best graphics and image resolution for references.


A well-developed mobile design website gives you the easiest way to support and run the latest releases of devices smoothly. It is important to take note that not all mobile devices are built the same, and screen sizes and resolutions differ. Hence, you need to consider the compatibility of your website to different operating systems. Having a flexible and responsive website allows you to save time in updating and tweaking errors every time a new device launches. 

Improved SEO

In the competitive online business setting, search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the strategies used to boost a website’s ranking in Google’s search page. The more you enter relevant keywords to your website, the more users can potentially click on your page as it ranks higher on Google’s search ranking. 

A developed mobile website design heavily contributes to an improved ranking as Google considers all websites’ responsiveness to integrate into its algorithm. With the high traffic from mobile devices nowadays, Google opted to index mobile searches to ease the load and avoid crash downs. So if your website is not mobile-friendly, there is a risk of being placed lower on search pages.

Easy Management

When your business runs two different versions of a website, there is a division and additional work for your team. However, with a flexible and mobile-responsive web design, your workforce can work altogether in building awareness and content development for your business. The tasks are aligned and provide a clear rundown of your business’ offerings. Moreover, with a responsive mobile website design, the online presence is consolidated, and optimisation is much easier to achieve. Your marketing personnel does not have to select target audiences for mobile and non-mobile visitors manually.

Cost Effective

A mobile-responsive web design is like hitting two birds with one stone. Rather than only investing in a dual website for mobile and non-mobile visitors, it is better to develop a flexible website design that caters to both save money and time in the long run. The updates, bug fixes, and other sorts of maintenance tasks can be done in one go. Hassles from piled expenses can be avoided. You can also focus on the core areas of your business.

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