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Protecting Your WordPress Site From Brute Force Attacks

More than half of the websites in the world are built using WordPress for their CMS. WordPress is popular because it is easy to use, install and customize. Unfortunately this popularity also makes it a target for cyber-attacks. According to a Sucuri report WordPress CMS infections rose from 74% in 2016 Q3 to a staggering...
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What To Consider In Building A Website

Ready to start building the website for your business? Before you dive in headfirst into the world of web design, you may first want to take note of these factors that you should consider in building an effective and functioning site.   Mobile Responsiveness Did you know that mobile web browsing has already overtaken desktop...
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10 of the Best Premium WordPress Themes

In this post, we have selected a collection of some of the Best Premium WordPress Themes that not only popular but are used by many of the site owners & offers plenty of features to accommodate almost any niche! They all are of high-quality, offers stunning & impressive design, with lots of customizable options & comes...
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Best 6 WordPress Plugins To Ease Search Engine Marketing

Best 6 WordPress Plugins To Ease Search Engine Marketing Undeniably, WordPress has become the most used content management system (CMS) all around the world. In present context, millions of the websites are running on WordPress. Launched to streamline the blogging process, this CMS has opened the gateway for different domains. By providing different advanced plugins...
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15 Hacks to Speed up WordPress

15 Hacks to Speed up WordPress Have you ever clicked on an interesting article that showed up in your Search Engine or Social Media feed? What did you do if the site was too slow to load? I am pretty certain that you abandoned your desire to view the site. If that is the case,...
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Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Website to get Higher Rankings

Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Websites to get Higher Rankings In the present era, most of the companies and business owners are setting up a fully-functional website on WordPress with an aim to expand their standards across the nation. Although, creating and launching a website is not enough if you want a unique identity in...
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WordPress Database Management Basics and the Use of phpMyAdmin

WordPress Database Management Basics Scripting of WordPress is by using PHP and its database management system is MySQL. While you may not need to have a working knowledge of either to run a WordPress site, understanding basic concepts for both systems can help you to troubleshoot simple issues and be able to do more with...
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WordPress Maintenance: Keeping your Website at Work

WordPress Maintenance: Keeping your Website At Work WordPress is presently servicing more than 20% of the web. But like your vehicle, it needs regular WordPress maintenance and updates to keep it running properly. The kind of maintenance your WordPress website needs will depend on the requirements of your site and your preferences. With the assistance...
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WordPress or Magento: Choosing the Right Platform

WordPress or Magento: Choosing the Right Platform   Which is the right platform for your online store? We have found several but Magento and WordPress are most preferred by organisations. Find out why. WordPress has a larger and more famous content management system. It was developed for blogging and non-business sites. WordPress does not have...
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5 Wise Tips For WordPress Template Creation

5 Wise Tips For WordPress Template Creation Have you been assigned the difficult task of fixing WordPress templates, figuring out the best template special effects, or preparing the template code for upcoming assimilation with other codes?  Although WordPress templates are being created in large amounts by many developers, critical guidelines need to be observed to...
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