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If painters have their brushes and sculptors have their clay, web designers probably have their fonts. Web designers are known to pay close attention to details like custom graphics, icons, menu and clean interfaces. After careful consideration, it would be a sin to disregard something basic as typography. The good news is that you don’t...
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implement good typography to your website design combination
How To Implement Good Typography To Your Website Design Closely observe many websites and make a comparison of each in terms of the way each one looks and feels. You will notice that some will stand out looking professional while others just look inadequate. The subtle reason behind this is the way Typography is being...
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Web Content is Part of the Design Getting a website online is an important and crucial step for modern businesses – too many people use the internet for online research, and making sure that site is attractive and professional is just as important, so getting professional help from a skilled web designer makes sense. However, there...
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Typography Mistakes That You Should Stay Away From While Designing a Website Designing a website is no child’s play. It needs proper analysis and detailing of every single component to ensure that the website design is successful and effective in totality. One of the major problems that designers face when designing a website is the...
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