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Less is More: How to Boost #mobile conversions with #responsive design While it’s true that nearly every mobile device, smartphone or tablet can access a website or online store, that doesn’t necessarily mean that each site they visit or app they download will be completely compatible with what they’re using. As a result, user experience...
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So, What Direction is Web Design Going in 2013? Last year’s style brought in many initial approach that triggered a revolution in web design and development.  We can observe the abundant use of HTML 5 and the implementation of new versions of CSS with advance features.  Websites built on the new HTML version can readjust...
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WordPress Development: Embrace it Now
WordPress Development: Embrace it Now WordPress Development on the Rise WordPress is the elephant in the development room. While many have embraced it as a fully-fledged content management system, others still thumb their nose at it. I was talking to a developer a little over a year ago about WordPress. His first remark was, “oh...
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