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Skilled programmers are some of the most sought after professionals in today’s market. If you’re a programmer or hope to become one these positions offer some of the best salaries according to the 2019 Robert Half Technology Salary Guide.

Mobile Applications Developer

Workers in this position code, test, debug, document and monitor mobile apps. Since more and more people use their phones not only to shop but to do research, more and more apps are being created to meet user demands especially when it comes to these skills:

  • Objective C (for iOS) or Java (for Android)
  • Graphic design
  • User interface (UI) design
  • Experience working with REST web services (for integrating with cloud services)

Midpoint salary for a mobile app developer is approximately $143,500.

App Architect

An app architect is responsible for creating a plan for technical implementation of a software project. Demand for the profession has been growing due to an increase in applications as they have become more critical to business and more complex to build.

To become an applications architect you need to have a deep knowledge in programming theory and a lot of hands-on experience. You also need a wide range of experience across a wide range of programming domain. They should also be able to communicate well with non-technical people in the organizations like business analysts. In most companies the app architect has the same role as the lead applications developer especially if the team is not big enough to hold both positions.

Web Development

ERP Technical Developer

According to the Salary Guide, ERP technical developers have a salary midpoint of $114,500. ERPs are some of the largest, most expensive and time-consuming projects companies undertake. ERP developers are important because they are responsible for implementing and customizing ERP packages.

Knowledge in common business language like Java or C# and any other development languages relevant to the ERP they are working with is recommended as well as fluency in SQL and the ability to work with databases.

Lead Applications Developer

You can think of the lead applications developer as the mentor and leader of a development team. This position usually entails business leadership responsibilities like hiring other developers and scheduling delivery. In some teams the lead applications developer is also called the applications architect or vice versa.

Expected salary midpoint for a lead application developer is $125,000.

Business Systems Analyst

A business systems analyst’s role is to assess how automation can solve complex business problems. With an increase reliance on data and consumerization of IT the demand for this profession continues to increase. Salary midpoint is reportedly $93,250.

Business systems analysts have these responsibilities:

  • Formulate and define objectives for business systems.
  • Work with business managers and end users to gather data and determine needs.
  • Provide IT support for regulatory and compliance services.
  • Make hardware and software recommendations for business needs.

Cloud Computing Analyst

Cloud Computing Analyst

If you prefer to oversee cloud-related infrastructure, including applications, hardware and software, and they ensure the integrity of cloud-migrated data and files then be a cloud computing analyst. They are also in-charge of training staff and troubleshooting technical issues.

This field is relatively new so many employers are in need of good candidates. To become qualified you need to gain or have experience in the following:

  • Virtualization experience
  • LINUX/UNIX administration skills
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) skills

CRM Technical Developer

Required skills for a CRM Technical developer include:

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science
  • At least one year of experience directly working with a CRM
  • Programming experience with JavaScript, SQL and C#

The midpoint programming salary for a CRM technical developer is $107,250. People with advanced skills net more.

Developer/Programmer Analyst

The developer/programmer analyst is an important role. They evaluate business application requirements for various functional areas of a company, including finance, manufacturing, marketing and human resources. Analysts write, code, debug software, recommend changes, enhancements and document software changes.

Applicants need to understand and conceptualize applications from both technical and end-user pont of view. Analysts should also have the following:

  • Strong programming abilities in common languages and frameworks, such as C#/C++, Java Enterprise Edition/AJAX and Microsoft.NET
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills

The salary midpoint for a developer/programmer analyst is $104,500.

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