Mistakes To Avoid When Budgeting For Your App Development


Spending money on an app is different from spending money wisely. For small to medium enterprises, every dollar counts so a budget for an app should be considered meticulously. Even if you have a big budget you will soon find yourself deep in coding, development, backend and frontend marketing, promotions, back-ups, etc. careful planning and budgeting is required even if you’ve been around the block before.

Mistakes To Avoid When Budgeting For Your App Development

There are a lot of things involved in the app development and launch process so there could be many potholes to encounter. However, careful planning will help you avoid these budgeting mistakes.

No Budget For Robust Back-End

There are times when the bulk of the budget goes towards designing an amazing interface with the backend getting a smaller slice of the pie. This usually happens because large portions of the intricacies that go into developing a strong back-end are invisible.

However, it is important to understand that the rebar and cement that goes into making a building is just as important as a coat of paint. Just because you can’t see the rebar and cement does not mean to say that you can compromise its quality.

There’s a lot that goes into developing a back-end that can support a feature-rich app. For instance the app needs a server that can handle traffic and data. It also needs adequate security layers so that user’s data is stored and transmitted securely. The app also needs to load quickly to avoid disengaging users.

Settling for a low-cost developer can save you money but you might end up paying dearly in the long run because your app doesn’t scale up to performance standards.

No Post-Launch Budget

Technology cost

Baking brownies is easy but getting customers to choose your brownie over other brownies available is not easy. Therefore spending all your money on eggs, butter and sugar is not a good idea. You have to include budget for setting up your shop, marketing and promoting your new product: the brownie.

In this connection, it is important to have a post-launch budget. This will be used for promoting the app, advertising and executing the strategy you want to use to create a buzz.

Underestimating The Difference Between Mobile Apps & Websites

Some people think that once you have a website a mobile app is a simple add on and therefore only needs a little money to develop. Since you already have a website you already have content so you don’t need a new copy. However, what you don’t know is that how a website and an app interact with a user is very different.

The first difference is that apps require a back end. They also integrate with mobile features like camera and calling which allows them to deliver a richer experience compared to websites. Apps also need to access location and uses a very small screen to interact with users. All of these require designing an entirely different interface. Therefore apps need a significantly higher budget than websites.

No Budget For Different Platforms

Developing an app for Android is not the same as developing for iOS. When you need to develop for another platform, everything needs to be done from scratch. This means that everything from the code to the design needs to be redone. If you want to conquer both Google and Apple you need to set aside budget to design for the 2 platforms.

No Budget For Maintenance, Updates, Analytics & Other Ongoing Costs

No Budget For Maintenance, Updates

The speed of tech developing is mind blowing. New features need to be added as your app evolves, old features need to be improved, bugs need to be fixed, database needs to be updated and security might need to be tightened. Therefore continuous updates and maintenance are just some of the ongoing costs while an app is performing. Users are hard to acquire and if you want to retain them you need to supply fresh content and that requires money.

These are just some of the examples of mistakes that can occur when budgeting for an app. Now that you know, make sure that you allocate for these expenses so that your app performance won’t be affected.

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