Website Maintenance

A completed website doesn’t mean a completed project. Technology does not remain stagnant, nor should your business. That’s why we provide continuous website maintenance services to assist you in developing and growing your online project even after it has launched.

What services and support our team can provide

The dedicated team of Creativ Digital provides effective web development and web design support, allowing you to quickly and effectively realise all of your ideas. We are always happy to assist you, whether you want to enhance your website with unique elements and integrations, need an impeccable design, or dream of a total overhaul! Our website maintenance services are a comprehensive solution that helps you to save time and money on a variety of web design and development requirements. If you can envision it, we can definitely build it!

What Website Maintenance Includes

System Updates

Multiple times per month, updates to CMS platforms and plugins such as Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla are made. Major version updates will be tested first in an offsite environment, ensuring that no disruptions to your live site will occur.

Vulnerability Checks

Hackers are never satisfied. From all over the world, hacket are trying to uncover vulnerabilities in your website day and night. To avoid this, your website must have up-to-date security. We make sure that all of your security plugins are up to current and working in compliance with industry standards.

Page Speed Testing

Users and search engines both benefit from fast loading times. We perform monthly page speed tests to ensure that your website is running as rapidly as possible, and we update anything that may be improved.

Cross Browser Testing

Browsers issue updates on a regular basis, and this might have an impact on how your website is performing. Every month, we check for updates and fix any problems we identify. We test your website on all browsers and devices to monitor how it displays.

Content Management

Our developers will give you free reign over your website, allowing you to modify, add, replace, or do whatever you want with it. You can ask for anything within your monthly allowance, and the cost of labor will be zero. With our web maintenance services, we provide content materials in order to give you the best possible experience.

Dedicated Support

Before beginning work, our technical team members and project managers collaborate with our clients to discuss tasks and projects. No Creativ Digital expert is off-limits, and you’ll have direct access to specialized team members to discuss workstreams and projects.

Why you need website maintenance

It’s difficult to run a business as there are never enough hours in a day. It’s challenging to find the time to keep up with website maintenance. It’s one of those tasks that gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list as time goes by. We understand this since you have customers to take care of and a company to operate. It’s tempting to set up a temporary website and leave it unattended. 

While your website may provide the majority of your revenue, you should be capable of assembling a team of professionals that are perfect for your business. This need for attention for most businesses implies that site issues can pile up and required security checks can be overlooked. With a website maintenance service, you can focus on what you do best while leaving your site in the hands of experienced professionals. This ensures that necessary work is always accomplished, while keeping your website up to date, healthy, and active. You and your customers can rest easy knowing your site is secure. From one-off fixes to monthly site revisions and site optimisation, we support businesses all over Sydney. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

How our website maintenance packages work

As the top web maintenance service provider in Sydney, we will regularly monitor your website to see if it is performing properly for your target audiences. Your website will also be backed up so that we can update it without fear of losing it. Even if you lose your uploaded website due to a mistake or the hosting company’s error, it will not be completely gone. 

Unlike other website maintenance companies, we also offer web design and development services. So we know what happens at the back end of your website. Even while developing or designing websites, we follow best practices to make site maintenance easy for the user after it is built. Our experienced team at Creativ Digital will also continue to look for ways to improve your website’s performance so that it can rank higher in search engine results.

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