How Images Can Help Boost Your Web Conversion Rate

image can help boost your web conversion rateMuch of the web contents are images used to stimulate viewers. Therefore, the web is a visual tool filled with images designed to attract audience and persuade them through sales pitch to take action.

It’s amazing to see how images can influence the viewer’s action. The right image used can invite viewers while the wrong one can drive them away in an instant. If images aren’t what was expected by viewers, it can bring confusion, while a blurry image or picture can cast doubt to visitors.

All these facts will result to low or no sales conversion. Thus, it is very critical that correct images should be used and should be positioned properly to give value and credibility to a website particularly if that website is selling products or services online.

Images encourage visitors in your site and direct awareness to the proposed value. By using images appropriately you can create a more personalized outlook of your e-commerce business that’s excellent in promoting your brand. Here are the following techniques by which images are being applied to increase web conversion rate:

Use only genuine images

genuine image can help boost your web conversion rateUse photos and images that are original and genuine in your organization. Avoid stock photos that came from online image galleries because they tend to be old and overused photos and images scattered all over the web. Using those photos and images would make your website look cheap and generic. Although stock photos are easy to acquire and are economical but their commonplace reputation can hurt your site’s conversion rate.

Use real photos in testimonials

All online businesses always use testimonials from their customers to further boost their credibility. In using testimonials, it would be beneficial if you can add a photo or a video of your customer making the testimony. Testimonies are a perfect tool to gain trust and confidence from customers to buy from you based on successful testimonies of others. Hence, using images in testimonies can help boost your web conversion rate.

Include logos of reputable companies you worked with

image can help boost your web conversion rate reputable imageEven if your business may not be that popular you have a way to play on popularity and cast away doubts regarding the worth of your business. By using logos from highly reputable companies you experienced working with you can instill confidence in your customers. If your products or services have been mentioned in the news, you can incorporate the news company’s logo to let people know you have a credible business. You can also use logos from reliable companies to verify security of online transactions you offer. Logos affirm your business without using words.

Choose photogenic pictures

image can help boost your web conversion rate photogenic imageA very effective method to acquire customers and help boost your web conversion rate is to utilize photogenic pictures that display their natural essences in a straightforward manner hinting clues on the look and feel of your business environment. You can flash high quality photogenic pictures of your office and your staff members with their welcoming smiles to give assurance to clients that your business is a legitimate establishment and not some unscrupulous organization.

Use images that invoke emotion

In as much as human beings are logical creatures, they are also emotionally charged beings. Images can easily arouse emotions. By using emotionally charged images and photos you can awaken emotions from your customers making them react according to what specific emotional state they are in. Find out what specific emotions can help excite customers to buy your offer and choose pictures that summon those emotions to help boost your web conversion rate.

Make a company mascot

image can help boost your web conversion rate mascotMascots are symbolic figure of an animal, person, or object used by an organization to carry its brand. All mascots do is cheer people so that they are instantly recognized and easily remembered. This is a marketing method to quickly remember a company along with its products and services offered. People buy products they recognized – this is a proven fact. You can work your creativity and make your own company mascot. Even if your business is being done online you can use graphic software to create your mascot and put the mascot image in your website to help boost your web conversion rate.

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