Increasing competition, varied client demands, lower retention time has proved to be an increasing challenge for designers. With every business organization now setting up their online presence, it’s hard to design a site with a unique touch.  There are several factors which one has to keep in mind while designing a website. Let’s look at the factors that one needs to take into account while designing a website-

  • Your Target Audience- Who are the people going to visit your website? Whether they are teenagers, business professional, housewives; you need to figure out and set your target audience accordingly. The reason why it’s important is that the design of website changes according to the people who are most likely to visit your website.

    If teenagers are your target audience your website should have a funky look, while for professional it should have an elegant look and so on. Once this is done, you have won half the battle and can now focus on how to make the website attractive for this audience.
  • Device Your Audience Uses– With the world going mobile, there’s no doubt that your website should be optimized for mobile devices. Taking into account that the screen size of such devices are small one should place the content, clickable icon on places where they are easy to find and can easily adjust to screen size.
  • Content on Your Website- Are you a content centric website or there are just a few words on your website? Your design would vary according to the content that you have. If the website is content centric, the design process should be such that the content should not seem too cluttered. Not to mention, that majority of your reader would be on a mobile device, thus your content should be presented in a way that it is easily readable on smaller screens.
  • Architecture and Interlinking- The design process needs to be planned according to SEO. Yes, because if the website design is not planned according to SEO and there is no proper interlinking between pages, then it would be hard for crawlers to access the content and rank it.  Also if you look from your users perspective your design should be such that they can easily find the content they are looking for on your website.

    Try having a flat-structured website that goes no more than 4 clicks from your homepage. You can even see how your competitors are doing the same, but always keep in mind that the website should be usable for your target audience.
  • Business Objectives- What is the objective of your business? Whether it’s of making a sale or user registration or number of visits, the business objective would define the way your site is presented.

    For e-commerce site one must have website where product can be easily seen, checkout process is simple and product images can be viewed even on small devices. For a t shirt design website the website should have eye-catching t shirt pictures and a simple purchase process. While for a website that only wants to increase number of visitors, your website should be such that the most eye-catching content is showcased on your homepage. Have a clear idea of your business objective and you would definitely have a website that your audience is going to love.
  • Research Your Competitors- While one would say that your website must be different from your competitors, there’s no harm in checking out their’s. Chances are you might get an amazing design feature that they have and you can then edit it according to your website need. But, make sure that in doing so you do not compromise on the uniqueness of your website.
  • Typography, Font, and Color- Big and bold is in the fashion again. You can use it to emphasize on a particular line or word that defines your brand’s statement. The one thing to keep in mind though is that the way it is shown on mobile device, as there are chances that big and bold words might not look that good on smaller device.

    There was a time when stylish fonts used to rule. But today keeping the font simple is back in trend. You might use any font but make sure that it has a simple look.

    Vibrant color websites are in trend. Designers now are trying to use color gradient to bring more personalisation to a website. Take a look at other such websites and get an inspiration from them.
  • Social Media Icons- Right placement of social media icons is very important if you want your users to visit your social media pages. If you have blogs or other shareable content you would want your icons to be placed such that the users can easily share it on their social media accounts.

    One of the other benefits of placing social media icons on right place is that people usually check a company’s social media page on their first visit. If you have a good social media presence then it would help in building trust for your visitor and might land you a potential customer.

So, these are the important points we think you should remember while designing a website. What do you think? Have we missed any points? Do share your views.


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