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The coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic is causing a major downturn around the world. With many people on lockdown and many businesses shut around the world, a looming recession seems to be on the horizon.

However, there is a small beacon of light for many businesses. Thanks to the advent of the internet, many businesses are still able to serve customers by transitioning to online platforms. Shifting from traditional form of business to a virtual one has a big impact on marketing. As such it is important for business owners to be aware of digital marketing trends that can help them stay afloat during the pandemic.

Here are some of the top digital marketing trends you can explore during the pandemic.

Interactive Content

According to marketing experts, interactive content does a better job of educating consumers compared to static content. This is because interactive content is basically a call-to-action and is very sharable which helps to increase brand awareness.

Good examples of interactive content include 350-degree videos, AR/VR, shoppable posts, quizzes and polls.

AR and VR

Improvements in technology have led to an increase of AR and VR usage. In the real estate word for instance, many agents are turning to AR and VR open houses in order to minimize contact with each other. This allows prospective buyers to “view” a house online while sellers and agents can continue to facilitate showings without risking exposure.

The retail industry is also taking advantage of this technology. With many people relying on online shopping to buy clothing, accessories and other necessities, showing their products virtually has led to more satisfactory shopping experience.

According to studies, up to 70% of enterprises will be experimenting with AR and VR by 2022. Taking an advantage of this technology right now can give you a big advantage in the future.

New Breed of SEO

Search algorithms will continue to change and evolve response to consumer behavior during this pandemic but also because of the pandemic. SEO tips and hacks that helped you to land on the first page of SERPs may not work in the future and can jeopardize your ranking.

According to studies, conversion rate of SEO is 14.6% which still beats the 1.7% conversion rate for traditional outbound methods. In this connection, constantly updating your SEO strategy can help you maintain or even improve your SERPs ranking.

Social Commerce

Due to to lockdowns and business closures, many people are stuck at home glued to social media not only to stay connected with family and friends but also to shop and browse.

Brands are now selling their products directly on social media in order to capture prospective customers who spend over 2 hours daily on social networks. With the pandemic, this number has climbed significantly. Therefore, taking a good look at your social media strategy is important for business survival right now.

Brands are using shoppable content and posts with a combination of ads in order to boost their leads and sales.

Smart Google Ads Bidding

Smart Google Ads Bidding

The impact of Covid-19 on businesses is significant. Many businesses are looking for ways to stay marketing but at the same time hold on to their money in order to boost their cash flow. This is why it is important to practice smart bidding when it comes to AdSense.

Google announced in 2019 improvements to smart bidding. PPC managers now have the ability to choose conversion actions at campaign level and according to time periods. It is expected to become automatic and become a digital marketing norm.


These trends will help you market during this pandemic. Whether you’re working on a new digital strategy or tweaking a new one adapting to the changes in the way we do business is key to business survival.

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