Database Development

Developing an Intranet or redeveloping one that is already existing can be a difficult process. It is a project that requires consistent and well-planned approaches. It does not matter how small or big the project is. A project plan that is carefully constructed can make or break the success of the project that you are...
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We all use so many web based apps like Gmail and Google Docs to be more productive, but did you know many businesses are developing their own custom apps to get an edge over competitors these days? Here at Creativ Digital, we develop many types of custom apps and software for both web and mobile...
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5 Tips for Database Development to Improve your Business Are you considering database development to improve your business? Well just about every business has a database of client information. So if you already have a database, or more likely you have more than one database, all with different information about clients – how do you...
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