Best Tools For Web Developers To Learn In 2022


Even the best web developers can struggle if they don’t have the right tools to do the job. Having the right tools at your fingertips can help increase your productivity whether you are a frontend or backend developer.

This is why having and learning the right tools is important. Having powerful tools can save time developing, testing, debugging, deploying, and even scaling your application.

Here is our list of the best tools developers need to use or learn in 2022.

VS Code

This is probably one of the most important tools web developers need to learn this year.  VS Code is lightweight and powerful and easily customized by downloading extensions.

There are so many extensions available ranging from debugging, connecting to git, deploying to cloud and many more.

Many developers already know and use VS Code. However, if you don’t, we strongly suggest learning how to use this tool this year. There are many online tutorial courses as well as a Udemy course.

Chrome Developer Tools

This is another essential tool for developers as it lets you see what’s going on in the browser. Using Chrome developer also lets you examine different HTML elements or play with CSS or check JavaScript.

It also lets you see details in regards to downloading scripts and network connections to name a few. We also recommend this tool for browser based debugging especially for frontend developers. Alternatively, Firefox has firebug which is also an amazing tool for debugging web pages in the browser.


Modern web developer focuses a lot on API and Postman is a good tool to interact with those APIs. During the development process, you might want to get familiar with 3rd party library and Postman is a good tool that you can use to send GET and POST request, send request headers, examine response headers and other HTTP metadata.

It also comes in handy for REST API testing which makes it a valuable tool for both frontend and backend developers.


Containers make web development easier and are essential for modern day developers. It also makes deployment a breeze. Normally, developers deploy applications to its dependencies separately. Instead of this tedious chore, you deploy it to a container which is easier to manage and scale.

Docker is one of the most popular platforms and is a must learn tool for developers – frontend and backend.


There are many git clients available online for both GUI and command line. But if you’re using Windows and prefer to work in the command line, we recommend GitBash.

Other platforms like VS Code and other IDEs already have GitHub integration, sometimes it is easier to work in the command line especially if you are committing a large block of code or merging changes from different batches.

Using Linux makes it easy to execute git commands, but Windows users find this a bit challenging and this is where GitBash comes in.

Bottom Line

2022 is a great year to boost your productivity and enjoy your web development journey. These tools will not only help you keep productive but also make the workload lighter and make you a better web developer.

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