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It is true that mobile devices have become an essential part of our lives, but we don’t find all apps appealing. With over 2.22 million iOS apps and more than 3.48 million Android apps, the most useful apps are those that are easy to use.

Mobile app users prefer to use something that is natural. Apps that have smooth navigation and have an appealing interface are the most successful. This is why an app with a good UX design is important. After all, users want to use something that is not only nice to look at but also functional and user-friendly.

A good IU/UX design has a realistic feel and offers easy flow of essential data. If your app generates interest, it creates organic traffic which in turn increases conversion rates and boosting brand recognition.

What is Mobile UX Design?

A UX designer needs to understand user expectations and requirements. Mobile device users are expected to reach  6.9 billion in 2023 which is why learning the best mobile UX design practices is important.

Here are some of the best mobile UX practices for 2022.

Easy Navigation

Your app and its features are useless if users cannot discover them. Apps need to be engaging and easy to navigate.

Make sure that your app has easy to find elements that users can navigate from their screen. Make sure that your navigation menu is intuitive and does not occupy lots of screen real estate.


Always remember that screen size is limited on mobile devices. Therefore, keep everything to a minimal. Build a simple method for navigation, search or ease of use and usability. Avoid cluttering screens with different interface elements. Strive to achieve a balance between unique functionality and a basic design.

Universal Design

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A good UX design is a simple one. Users interact with their devices in different ways. However, the basic layout of design elements should stay the same all throughout different mobile devices.

For example, refrain from placing buttons at the top of the screen or in the corners. It’s best so put them in easy to reach places since many people use one hand to navigate their phones.

Make Scrolling Fun

Use horizontal scrolling for browsing through a catalog of products or showing data on an extended visual area that would normally not fit the screen. If there is more content available, give an indication of scrolling direction.

Clickable Buttons

Buttons make navigation easier but they also use up screen space which can negatively impact user experience.

Every OS has its button design options for better UX. In many cases, buttons of 44px height and 44px width work amazingly on every OS and mobile device.

Embrace Familiarity

Use standard and familiar icons and layouts to eliminate user learning curve. Make sure that every UI element has a function. For instance, use an envelope to signify message sending or a phone icon for calling. Always prioritize usability before creativity.

Provide User Support

Problems can crop up so make sure that users have a way to solve their queries. Use different methods for assistance within the app like chatbots, FAQ, live chat or buttons that are click to contact customer support.

Choose The Right Font

The right font impacts the visual component of an app. The wrong font can spoil your design, therefore it is important to choose a font that works perfectly for different size screens.

Research conducted by Apple and Google reports that, you should keep the font at 12 points. This keeps the font readable without users having to zoom in. Best of all, it helps them keep their device at a comfort-giving distance for viewing.

Listen To User Feedback


The main purpose of UX is to design an app that is intuitive and user friendly. One of the best ways to get a good grasp of these concepts is by listening to user feedback.

Good feedback can help you decide what works and what doesn’t. This information can help you decide what needs changing. Applying analytics to your app will give it data to boost user experience effectively.

Avoid Random Color Options

Color schemes help your brand standout and differentiate itself from others which helps to create a durable user impression. However, the following working principles should stay the same:

  • Showcase your brand’s palette    
  • Design in gray scale    
  • Avoid using extra glowing or vibrant shades    
  • Accommodate color blind users    
  • Use proper color contrast ratio

Wrap Up

Giving users with the best UX they have experienced by enhancing usability and design will create a lasting impression with them. A good user experience impacts the popularity of apps, the business’s success, and your profit as a whole. Using the above-mention mobile UX design best practices to engage users and fulfill your goals.

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