Benefits of Progressive Web Apps for eCommerce

Progressive Web apps are becoming increasingly popular for companies to use in order to rapidly connect with their audiences and provide a more engaging user experience.

PWA technology benefits the eCommerce industry by helping it provide users with a better user experience. PWA platforms allow brands in the eCommerce industry to create their app three times faster than a website.

According to Sista reports, more than 400 billion US dollars are expected to be generated by mobile-driven businesses, and Progressive Web Apps increase this number.

What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)?

PWA offers the features of a website with ease of use, speed, and the ability to run independently of internet access like an app. This can be done by forking a website’s URL on any device and accessing it offline.

Those who want to enjoy the convenience of a native mobile app can do so with a PWA. You cannot download PWAs from an application store, but they are easy to use just like a native app.

Mobile phones are one of the primary ways for traffic to come to your site, and because of this, PWAs may seem like the best option for eCommerce stores trying to maximize conversions.

How Are PWA Beneficial To Ecommerce Stores?

The advantages of PWAs for eCommerce businesses are many. It makes the online buying experience as smooth as possible, and we can expect it to change the landscape of mobile commerce for the below-mentioned reasons.

  • Saves on Time and Cost of Development

PWA apps are easier to develop as they are built on shared code and re-usable choices. Developers don’t have to go back and forth between platforms since PWAs can work on both Android and iOS devices.

Increasing money, time, and resources you put towards a project, the better the results.

  • Broader Marketing Scopes
Broader Marketing Scopes

Search engines are making changes to voice-based searches. This is why sellers should also fine-tune how they are found on the web. Because PWA is a site in the native form, it improves searchability automatically thereby increasing the chances of being found by buyers.

  • Connects Customers and Merchants

Progressive Web Apps are relatively easy and less time-consuming to use. This is because the user doesn’t have to download an app, as it’s something they can access on their browser. Now, users know how many apps they have on their devices, which will help them limit the number of mobile apps they use.

Users often don’t want to install more apps on their phone because it is already cluttered. Apps make the phone slower, which creates a poor experience for the customer. As a result, online businesses are turning to PWAs.

  • Offline Functionality with Service Workers

With two new technologies that are PWAs: service workers and cache, your page will load faster in the browser of a mobile device. Service workers operate in the background, syncing any changes made on your server to your local cache. When cached content is available, your application will not need to request new data from the server or other remote devices.

This means PWAs would provide standard navigation even if your app users are offline.

  • Save on Storage Space and Data

PWA’s are more cost-efficient to use than regular internet shops. A desktop application will take up a larger amount of space on your phone and cost more data, but a PWA can be as small as few MBs only.

  • Flexibility and Responsiveness
website update

Progressive Web Apps are flexible and responsive. This design is sensitive to what you use, so your site looks great regardless of the device.

To provide a good user experience, you should create a mobile-friendly site. This will allow your targeted mobile audience to see what you have to offer and keep them interested.

  • Free Updates & App Store Costs

In PWAs updates happen at the server, so they can deliver content efficiently to users and require less time on the business owner’s end.

Creating a PWA means you don’t need to rely on being featured by the app store and its terms. Progressive Web Apps benefit from better visibility in search engines than your mobile app because users can install them with a single tap.

  • Easy Maintenance

If you’re working on individual apps for iOS and Android, it might be difficult to find a developer who’s available for an extended period of time. However, PWAs can be upgraded by identifying their needs for various browsers, making them easier to maintain.

  • Better User Adoption

With PWAs, the user does not need to download an app. They only need to follow the steps on their device screen by clicking a link in the website. This leads to a higher conversion rate than if they were required to install and launch an app.

  • Payment Security

Security is one of the advantages PWAs provide to eCommerce companies and this is why people prefer the concept of online shopping. Crowded check-out processes often prevent people from finishing their purchases, leading them to disregard their cart and choose not to buy something.

The Payment Request API allows buyers to make fast and secure payments, in a way that reduces friction. There is no checkout form, so shoppers can complete the purchase immediately.

creating website

Wrap Up

The best way to increase mobile conversions is to start using PWA. These are already used by the most successful corporations, making it important for eCommerce businesses to follow their lead. Online businesses should start taking advantage of PWA to reap the rewards.

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