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Months after the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic, many Australians are being asked to stay at home again. Just recently Melbourne has recorded 400 new cases despite lockdown measures to more than 5 million residents. Victoria, the state surrounding Melbourne has also recorded over 400 new cases, a daily increase higher than any part of the...
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6 Quick and Easy Steps to Create a Video Gallery for your Blog Website A great technique to rev up traffic to your blog website is to create a video gallery.  Video delivers content in accelerated manner through continuous stream of images and sounds which are quickly absorbed by your viewer with much less effort...
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Use high quality web video to engage website visitors Click. Click. Click.  The world of internet marketing has now been reduced to a series of clicks.  Sites are given but a mere few seconds to capture the attention of web visitors or else it’s “Au revoir!” for them.   If you are still thinking that stunning...
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The Power of Video Online Marketing – Web Video Productions “90% of all web traffic will be video by 2013” Modern consumers are Internet savvy – before making a purchase decision they do their research, online. They’re no longer using paper directories like the Yellow Pages to locate a particular business. Instead they’re using search...
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