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Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Campaign Is Failing

Content marketing is all about information dissemination. It is a type of marketing that relies on sharing educational, entertaining or insightful information that can help readers improve their lives. This decision can change their behavior or it could influence their purchasing decision. Content marketing is not about forcing a sale, it’s about helping them move...
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Top 5 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid With Content Marketing

Content marketing proves to be a valuable area on which businesses can bank on to not only to improve their rankings, but also contribute to increasing their foot traffic and conversion rates. Combine quality content marketing with an effective SEO strategy and you can expect your website to gain authority within your niche. However, some...
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How to Be a Successful Content Hacker

If you’ve been keeping in the know within the world of startups and digital marketing, then you’re most likely familiar with the term growth hacking/hacker. But have you heard of the new type of hacking, which is content hacking? In this day and age where content remains king of everything, a content creator has to...
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Top 3 Key Ways to Build Your Brand Through Content

Starting a business can be quite daunting. Growing it is even more overwhelming and requires grit, drive, and a dash of creativity. One effective way of building your brand is by creating content that will inform, entertain, and engage your target audience. Remember that in this day and age, content remains king. And knowing how...
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What To Consider In Building A Website

Ready to start building the website for your business? Before you dive in headfirst into the world of web design, you may first want to take note of these factors that you should consider in building an effective and functioning site.   Mobile Responsiveness Did you know that mobile web browsing has already overtaken desktop...
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Content Management System

Content Management System: Its Benefits and Methods

What is content management system (CMS)?   Content Management System or CMS went through some changes in the recent years. It does not only publish content but manage your work flow. The system keeps the data and information and organizes them so that they can easily be recovered, modified, searched, and shared. Its component is...
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CMS on Mobile: Enter Drupal 8

CMS on Mobile: Enter Drupal 8 At last the new Drupal 8 is joining the stream and in hot pursuit for the mobile realm.  More importantly it targets CMS on mobile.
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5 Wise Tips For WordPress Template Creation

5 Wise Tips For WordPress Template Creation Have you been assigned the difficult task of fixing WordPress templates, figuring out the best template special effects, or preparing the template code for upcoming assimilation with other codes?  Although WordPress templates are being created in large amounts by many developers, critical guidelines need to be observed to...
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What’s involved in Secure WordPress Hosting for eCommerce?

What’s involved in Secure WordPress Hosting for eCommerce? If you run an eCommerce business, WordPress is one of your best options for a content management system (CMS). Using any of the variety of plug-ins available on the market, a site owner or administrator can set WordPress up as a complete CMS solution for an eCommerce...
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Taxonomy Boost Drupal Metadata Performance

Taxonomy Boost Drupal Metadata Performance Taxonomy is one of the main Drupal features, which users often under-use and misunderstands. Taxonomy is a powerful core module, which could organize keywords in categories, known also as metadata. In Drupal, these categories are named vocabularies. Taxonomy allows us to classify the website content. Many contributed modules use Taxonomy,...
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5 Must Have CMS Features for a Dynamic Performance

5 Must Have #cms features for a Dynamic Performance #content management Systems are dynamic platforms widely used today to serve the backend of many websites. Due to the prolific CMS platforms available, one begins to wonder which among the many is best suited to one’s own website requirements. At this point, it becomes a struggle...
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Why CMS Tops Website Maintenance Solution

Why CMS Tops Website Maintenance Solution Content Management System (CMS) has been since the top website maintenance solution for many established blogsites over the internet. From the website’s inception to the very first run on the web, there is great excitement and thrill as hopes are soaring high and expectation of tomorrow’s success is shining...
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WordPress Development: Embrace it Now

WordPress Development: Embrace it Now

WordPress Development: Embrace it Now WordPress Development on the Rise WordPress is the elephant in the development room. While many have embraced it as a fully-fledged content management system, others still thumb their nose at it. I was talking to a developer a little over a year ago about WordPress. His first remark was, “oh...
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5 Strategies For Writing Killer Content

5 Strategies For Writing Killer Content

5 Strategies For Writing Killer Content The most important element of any website or marketing material is its content. As the saying goes, Content is King. You can have the nicest web design in the world, but without engaging content, it’s worthless. When prospect’s are considering businesses to work with, they are looking for a...
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Avoid Gimmicks When Marketing Your Site. Quality is Key.

Avoid Gimmicks When Marketing Your Site. Quality is Key. In some niches, the competition to get your website ranked in the first page of search engines is stiff. Companies and site owners are racking their brain to think of innovative methods to attract traffic. As you are deciding an approach to take towards marketing your website,...
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Building a Membership Site with Wordpress

Building a Membership Site with WordPress

Building a Membership Site with #wordpress WordPress is a platform that has increased in popularity among businesses that aims to launch a membership site. One reason is that as a blogging platform, WordPress will not restrict businesses with frequently updated content to categorize it in a certain manner. Furthermore, a membership plan can bring in a...
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Web Content is Part of the Design

Web Content is Part of the Design Getting a website online is an important and crucial step for modern businesses – too many people use the internet for online research, and making sure that site is attractive and professional is just as important, so getting professional help from a skilled web designer makes sense. However, there...
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Make Design Fit Content

Why Should Your Website Design Fit With The Blog Content?

Make Design Fit Content Why should you website design fit with the blog content? Getting started with your own blog or website can be both fun and tiresome, exciting and trying all at the same time. A common mistake that many people make when getting the basics down for a personal or business blog or...
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How Your Business Can Benefit from Having a Blog

How Your Business can Benefit from Having a Blog Making your business seen and heard on the web is one of the best strategies for marketing products and services. Today, social media plays an important role in disseminating information to a wide population. With the advent of various social networking sites such as Twitter and...
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cms web design

CMS Web Design: Learning the Factors that Matter in CMS Selection

CMS Web Design: Learning the Factors that Matter in CMS Selection In the last few years CMS web development has emerged as the popular choice among a majority of web development professionals. There are several reasons for it. These open source apps are easy to use, reduce web development time and offer plenty of customization...
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