Optimizing your website for traffic requires a lot of time, attention, and planning.

Search marketers put a lot of effort into perfecting advertising copy or bidding strategies in order to make their finely tuned traffic machines even more efficient.

However, the landing pages of your ad campaigns offer a big advantage and are easy to implement and optimize.

You can boost sales, improve profitability, and achieve stronger digital marketing campaign results if you spend time improving your landing page.

Create Unique Landing Pages for Every Targeted Customer

Using a different landing page for each keyword is not advised. However, if you have high-performing, high-traffic keywords, you might want to think about using designated pages.

By giving users a page that is specifically designated for them, you can improve conversion rates by providing them a better understanding of why they are there.

Remarketing vs New Customers

However, you should reconsider sending remarketing traffic and first-time customers to the same landing page. This is because segmenting your landing page by traffic source can improve your results.

This allows you to customize page content, call-to-action and even policy compliance for each medium such as Google Ads, Google Display, Facebook, Reddit, etc.

For example, traffic coming from Reddit landing page can have more text than your Facebook landing page to allow this audience to learn and engage.

Depending on the traffic source, you can modify the CTA for the most appropriate stage. For instance, a free guide might be appropriate for a visitor from a display ad before asking them to commit to scheduling a consultation.

Test Smarter

With enough testing, you’ll will discover that the majority of well-thought-out researched hypotheses are either duds or will actually result in lower conversion rates.

Additionally, it is simple to lose sight of things that have a significant impact by concentrating too much on buttons and page colors.

Here are some suggestions to help you lower the frequency of landing page testing failures and/ or subpar outcomes.

Increase their desire prioritize taking action

Someone’s desire to act is almost immediately forged when they visit your page.

Within the first few seconds of a page being viewed, the visitor will determine whether they are in the right place and have found what they were looking for.

Separate items like the distinctive selling proposition, your elements of trust, and how both are perceived when running a split test.

Pay attention to page features that are prominently displayed above the fold, like headlines, hero images, and action-calling.

For instance, testing the page subheadline with a trust element rather than concentrating on target market relevancy resulted in an increase of over 30% in form submissions from clients.

It would be hard to achieve this performance by changing the color button.

Landing Page

Test Layouts not Elements

Always remember that people use websites differently around the world. For example, if you are marketing in North America and other similar areas, they are used to entering from the left and exiting from the right.

Therefore, standard practice for this audience is to keep introduction elements to the left; such as our logo and exit elements to the right like your phone number.

With this knowledge, it is important to understand that a page’s layout can significantly impact how users interact with your content.

Changing a single element might not lead to significant improvement in conversions. Changing major designs and layouts can reap better results and learnings that can help you improve your performance.

Always remember that it’s the big wins that you want.

Begin with the End in Mind

Analyzing your visitors’ objectives and how you can assist them in achieving this on your page is the best next step if your goal is to increase leads.

Get rid of distractions from the goal

People online are easily distracted. Because of this, navigation-free landing pages typically perform better.

Your landing pages should typically only have one call to action and no options for navigating to other websites.

Make it simple, quick, and practical

Second, and most importantly for mobile users, most users scan the content of websites before clicking on an advertisement.

Additionally, online visitors rarely scroll down; if they do, it is not very far.

To ensure that the call to action remains with the scrolling user down the page, it is best to follow them with a sticky bar. Once they are prepared to take action, this spares them from having to scroll any further.

For communicating advantages and building trust, rely more on bullet points and images than on descriptions and content. Make sure there isn’t much scrolling and that these items are above the fold.

Less is More

“I wrote you a lengthy letter because I didn’t have time to write you a short one”, said Mark Twain.

Writing succinctly requires a lot more time and effort. However, the improvements in conversion rate are worthwhile.

Write Clearly and Concisely

High-converting landing pages are concise and effectively convey important information. Icons, pictures, and headlines that are well-designed can help with this.

Your conversion rates will increase as your content becomes more understandable. For the majority of industries, the readability of your landing page text should be between third and fifth grade.

Use readability tools to make your content more readable and understandable.

Did you know that Ernest Hemingway has a fifth-grade writing score? Your objective is to write clearly and intelligently at the same time.

User Experience > Design

Some websites experience decreased lead conversions after a redesign. Even though the website looks fantastic, user experience still trumps design.

Page speed and usability will always beat a fantastic look design especially if you’re looking for conversions. People aren’t there to admire how the site looks.

If users’ needs aren’t met immediately, or if they can’t load the page; they won’t convert. The same is true for legibility. Black text on white background still offers the best contrast for readability.

Accommodate for Impairments

It’s also true that some internet users need screen readers and other technology because they have vision issues or other impairments.

Your landing pages will be scanned and scored by website accessibility and compliance checkers. To make sure that everyone can access and use your content, these tools identify problems for screen readers and other assistive technologies.

To ensure that people who are color blind can see and read your page elements, test your landing page with color filters.

Additionally, you can add apps for accessibility adjustments to your pages to help you comply with the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) and WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).


A Great Offer Needs to be Believable

The best way to win in the market place is to advertise a better offer – as long as it is believable.

The following are the components of a great offer:

  • Urgency and scarcity
  • Benefit or immediate bonus
  • Uniqueness and believability

The best and simplest way to increase conversion rates for your landing page is to make a fantastic offer.

Scarcity and Urgency

A great deal encourages customers to act and encourage conversion right away as opposed to later.

A strategy for persuading someone to take action is to have a limited availability. FOMO (fear of missing out) is another name for this.

Find ways to add FOMO and a sense of urgency into your landing pages. For example, you can use the words “limited offer” or use a countdown timer.

Your conversion rates can be greatly increased with the help of urgency and scarcity. However, it’s important to use them morally and responsibly.

The more legitimate, the more impactful and believable it will be.

Immediate Bonus or Benefit

The overall value of an offer is perceived to be higher when it is given to visitors to landing pages as a free gift or bonus.

Even if they are initially hesitant, this may increase someone’s willingness to act and do it right away. This holds true even for a small gift or other small item.

Additionally, offering a free gift or bonus can foster reciprocity and improve overall customer satisfaction. Your brand will gain respect as a result, and you might get more recommendations.

Uniqueness and believability

The effectiveness of your offer will decrease if it is fantastic and hits all the key points but your rivals are using the same one.

The same holds true for your distinctive selling strategy. You are not unique if everyone is selling the same thing.

Go bigger after getting a good sense of what your rivals are providing.

Another crucial element is believability. Over the top claims will seem too good to be true. It is probably not believable if you make a fantastic offer but people reject it.

Making your offer more credible and increasing conversion rates overall is a great idea if you use legitimate social proof. Make sure social proof is present on your landing page by including reviews, case studies, and testimonials.

Compared to the typical website testimonials that anyone can add to a webpage, embedded and verified reviews are advised. Credibility and trust are increased as a result. This can also be accomplished with the help of audio and video testimonials.


The likelihood that your customers will recognize your product or service as the solution to their problems and desires directly relates to the conversion rates of your landing pages.

Your results will be better if you can do this while encouraging users of your landing page to take action.

This compounding effect leads to lower acquisition costs, increased traffic investment, and scaled growth over time.

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