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WordPress is perhaps the most popular CMS in the market today. Almost a third of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress because it is relatively cheap and user-friendly. If you’re using WordPress for your website, you need plugins to enhance functionality. If you’re not using these plugins yet, check them out because...
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A WordPress plugin has the power to bring your website to the next level. However, there are over there are over 54,000 plugins to choose from. This number can be overwhelming even for WordPress pros. Choosing the right plugin for your site can make a big difference. It can help you find solutions and can...
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WordPress plugins can help expand the functionality of your website. Although the type of plugin to install depends on the niche or kind of website you have, there are some plugins that every website need to install. For instance, all websites need SEO, speed and security which are all universal concerns. WordPress has an impressive...
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cropped Best 6 WordPress Plugins To Ease Search Engine Marketing
Best 6 WordPress Plugins To Ease Search Engine Marketing Undeniably, WordPress has become the most used content management system (CMS) all around the world. In the present context, millions of websites are running on WordPress. Launched to streamline the blogging process, this CMS has opened the gateway for different domains. By providing different advanced plugins...
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Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Websites to get Higher Rankings In the present era, most of the companies and business owners are setting up a fully-functional website on WordPress with an aim to expand their standards across the nation. Although, creating and launching a website is not enough if you want a unique identity in...
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WordPress or Magento: Choosing the Right Platform   Which is the right platform for your online store? We have found several but Magento and WordPress are most preferred by organisations. Find out why. WordPress has a larger and more famous content management system. It was developed for blogging and non-business sites. WordPress does not have...
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Manage Easily Your Website Development With These Extremely Helpful WordPress Plugins and Tools Are you searching for some extremely helpful WordPress plug-ins and tools to manage easily your website development project? We’ve got a list of some great resources worth adding to your entire collection of cool WordPress plugins and tools. Need plug-ins to expedite...
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WordPress Tutorial Processing Guest Posts with ucanpost plugin and copyscape This is WordPress Tutorial guide processing guest posts using ucanpost plugin and copyscape.  Hosting guest posts can be a lot of work in editing and reviewing all the posts so this short guide to a guest post workflow should give some ideas how to make...
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