Search Engine Optimization

SEO is always changing but still remains as one of the top ways to rank high on search engines especially Google. While always changing, SEO is important if you want to get traffic. Over-time a well optimized website gets more traffic which translates to more leads and sales. If your website does not have SEO,...
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Marathon SEO
Marathon #seo or the 100 Metre Dash Sorry to have to jump on the Olympic themed SEO bandwagon but the distance running analogy perfectly fits the point. This post takes a look at how careful planning and pace can help your website cross the finish line in 1st place over and over again (First and...
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Organic SEO
#organic seo Tactics That Cost Nothing Over-concentration of search engine optimization tactics has caused more costly headaches than rendering plausible results for websites wishing to advance in search rankings.  While optimizing keywords may seem like the easiest means to move up the leaderboard, it pales in comparison to the five revolutionary ways below which nearly...
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