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According to studies, over 4 billion people are staying at home right now due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. This change in behavior has resulted in significant changes in how people use the internet. Here are 5 key trends that Google says are shaping consumer behavior amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Using Multiple Devices According to...
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google hummingbird
Google Hummingbird Criteria for Content Strategy  As content writers and marketers, you should know Google Hummingbird criteria to avoid being penalized. For each update that Google algorithm makes, it aims at giving its users the most relevant search engine results. These famous Panda, Penguin, and now, Google Hummingbird  may penalize your rankings. Hummingbird at worst,...
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How to Make Google Algorithms Work Effectively   Google continues to improve the quality of its search results and penalise black-hat SEO. This is done by making huge changes to Google algorithms. Generally, Google does hundreds of changes to its search engine algorithms. There are other upcoming updates from Google that you should follow. Google...
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Google EMD
Do You Really Want to Spend Your Days Fearing of #google‘s #algorithm Updates? Last  September Google has rolled out the infamous “EMD update”.  Some have seen the change right away, others have read it on major #seo blogs first; that tweet from Matt Cutts seemed to be the most cited one lately. And just when...
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