Content Management System
What is content management system (CMS)?   Content Management System or CMS went through some changes in the recent years. It does not only publish content but manage your work flow. The system keeps the data and information and organizes them so that they can easily be recovered, modified, searched, and shared. Its component is...
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Charity Website Design
Know Your Role: LDAP Authorization for Drupal  Light Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) can be used to manage the roles of users within an IP network.  Drupal has provided the convenience of maintaining authorization of the user’s permissions without relying on an external directory service, by checking the user’s credentials once they log in. We can...
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What Makes Drupal a SEO Powerhouse? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in most cases is the way you ensure that your web site meet the standards and quality, which the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing use to classify the rank and the position which your web site will receive in the search...
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Taxonomy Boost Drupal Metadata Performance Taxonomy is one of the main Drupal features, which users often under-use and misunderstands. Taxonomy is a powerful core module, which could organize keywords in categories, known also as metadata. In Drupal, these categories are named vocabularies. Taxonomy allows us to classify the website content. Many contributed modules use Taxonomy,...
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cms web design
CMS Web Design: Learning the Factors that Matter in CMS Selection In the last few years CMS web development has emerged as the popular choice among a majority of web development professionals. There are several reasons for it. These open source apps are easy to use, reduce web development time and offer plenty of customization...
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