taxi booking app
Travelling to a new city? If so, then certainly you need to book the ride for easy travel. But sometimes, chasing down a cab on the street, or calling a cab make the travel a bad tale. How? In case you have hired an unregistered taxi by hailing a cab, then at first, you may...
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WordPress Development: Embrace it Now
WordPress Development: Embrace it Now WordPress Development on the Rise WordPress is the elephant in the development room. While many have embraced it as a fully-fledged content management system, others still thumb their nose at it. I was talking to a developer a little over a year ago about WordPress. His first remark was, “oh...
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Want GOOD SEO? Just mix Development & Creativity The word SEO has become an umbrella term for all things related to online marketing, merging the more technical development side with the more creative PR and marketing side. As many people will tell you, these two sides often demand very different backgrounds with the logical and...
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