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We have said time and again on this blog that first impressions are important. In today’s world, everybody online will judge a website’s appearance and functionality in less than 7 seconds. This means you only have a short time to impress your guests. This is where UX comes in.

However, digital touch points are always evolving. What’s trendy today might not been vogue tomorrow. This is why it is important to know UX trends.

Important UX Designs That Are Trending

Here are some very important UX trends you need to know about to improve your guest experience and to market your website or product better.

Password-less Logins

Accordign to a Cyclonic Password Security Survey, 27.95% of users forget their passwords more than 10 times per year. This problem is mainly due to password protection protocols that require users to add special characters for a stronger password. While these features beef up security, it only makes password creation and memorization more complicated.

A simple solution is to let users use password less logins. Even though it’s been around since 2016, more websites are implementing this practice nowadays.

A good example of a company going password-less is Microsoft. According to them, they will be removing passwords during the next major update for Windows 10. This could mean that sometime in the future Microsoft will use Windows Hello face authentication, fingerprints, or a PIN code for their PCs.

Dark Theme

Dark theme is getting more and more popular. This is mainly because people who read at night tend to get eye strain when they read using normal mode. The blue light also causes delay in release of melatonin which can cause sleepless nights.

Dark theme is more eye-friendly and now that Android and iOS are embracing it, you can expect this trend to gain traction and to stay long-term.

Air Gesture

Gesture control is another UX mobile trend that aims to make mobile experiences better. Air gestures allow you to interact with the screen without touching it. Using simple gestures you can answer phone calls, navigate web pages, scroll through image and change music.

Both Google and iOS are using air gestures.

The biggest advantage of air gesture is its intuitiveness and sensitivity to touch. This is why air gesture will always be a trend even if other trends come and go.

Responsive UX

In today’s quickly growing design business, it is more important to be Device Agnostic. It is no longer trendy for designers to be choosy as to which platform they get to design for.

The purpose of design in today’s world is to provide a seamless experience to each and every user regardless of what kind of device to use to access the internet.

Photo Driven Interfaces

Thanks to advancements in technology, websites today are utilizing more real-time pictures. Photography is becoming a big factor when choosing design themes and this is not only for photography websites. Combining amazing photographs and UX design is making websites more interactive and attractive.

The purpose of course is not to confuse users with a lot of pictures. Designers need to maintain substantial margins, spacing, whitespaces, and color balance.

Wrap Up

There is no denying the popularity of laptops, tablets and smartphones nowadays. These devices have become an important part of our lives and UX designers need to respond to these changes.

It is now becoming clearer that designing apps and programs that gives users a good experience is essential in the success of an app. However, UX should also include all aspects of the end user’s interaction with the business, its products, and its services.

A good UX designer in Sydney can help boost your website and business performance.  Their tailored web app solutions can get you ahead of the game and reduce tension with personalized services.

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