Not many of us noticed but Google recently rolled out a “Broad Spectrum Algorithm Update.” Tweets about the update were first seen around August 1 but weren’t descriptive enough to state what was changed. However, it is clear that Google values end user experience and the latest update seems to be affecting organic and local searches. According to reports, search results seem to be favoring local and small businesses as opposed to national chains.

EAT Tips To Improve Rankings

Luckily, the recent algorithm will not affect your ranking. However, studies have shown that increasing your EAT (expertise, authoritativeness and trust) can continue to help boost rankings.


Let’s face it; nobody is going to be an expert on everything. This is why many websites have blogs to showcase their expertise. Aside from this, blogs are a great way to communicate with users and interact with them.

When Google crawls your website to index it, they are looking for keywords and phrases to help it categorize your website within its gigantic library so that you can show up for the right search results. Expert blogging with the correct mix of relevant keywords can help improve your site rankings despite changes in algorithm.

seo provider building trust


Authority cannot be achieved overnight. However, authoritative content can help show Google and other search engines that you are an expert in your field.

One of the best ways to show authority is by continuing to post a series of content that helps to show your authority in your industry. For example, you can be a resource in house or building construction or write about the latest trend in your industry.


Always present readers with truthful information. For example, how can you trust something like “3 Weight Loss Tips Doctors Don’t Want You To Know.” Yes, it is sensational and you will likely get a few clicks, but most readers don’t really expect you to be serious or even truthful. For many, it is probably click bait that will lead you to dubious websites. Content like this is dramatic but will hurt your credibility and trust.

Want to know how to build trust? Google has a PDF regarding their search quality evaluators.

Have you noticed Google’s new algorithm? How has it affected your rankings? Tell us by leaving your comments below.

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