Blogging Benefits For Businesses And Marketers


When you go to the internet, some of the things you note are the many different websites, product being sold online, social networking sites and blogs.

In today’s world, a lot of people have blogs. There are those that blog so that they can have an outlet for their feelings or simply to express their creativity. There are also people who blog because they want to make money. It can also be surprising to some people that companies and businesses also have blogs.

If you’re a businessman or marketer but don’t have a blog yet; here are some reasons to get started now.

Drives Traffic To Your Website

Businessmen want more visitors to go to their websites. More visitors mean more leads which can translate to a boost in sales.

Think of the ways how people find your website.

The first thing is usually to type your website name in the URL; however, this is for people who already know about your site. They know who you are so they don’t help to increase traffic.

The next method is by buying an email list (don’t do this!) and then blasting them with emails. You can hope that some of them open the email and go to your site.

Lastly, you can pay for traffic by placing tons of ads. This isn’t illegal but it is very expensive. Once you run out of money, your traffic will stop too.

So how do you get more traffic? By blogging, social media and search engines.

Your website probably has many pages and you don’t update them often. Blogging solves this problem because every time you write a blog post it’s one more indexed page on your website giving you a chance to show up on search engines. Every blog is a signal for Google and search engines that your site is active and they should check

Promote via Social Media

Blogging can also help you get noticed through social media. Every time you write a blog, you can update and broadcast it to followers so you’re creating content that can be shared through social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like.

Blogs can also help strengthen your social media presence. Instead of thinking about content to share, your blog can serve as the source of your content.

Converts Traffic Into Leads

Now that you have traffic coming in, you can convert visitors to leads. To convert traffic into leads, you just need to add a call-to-action in every blog post.

Most of the time, these call-to-action buttons lead to an ebook, fact sheets or webinars. This is basically a content asset where readers would be willing to exchange information.

This is how it works:

  • Visitor comes to your blog.
  • Visitor sees call-to-action button and clicks.
  • Visitor goes to a landing page where he fills up a form.
  • Visitor fills up form, submits and receives free information.

This is how you convert visitors into leads for your sales team. However, not all visitors to your site or blog will become a lead, and that’s alright. Just continue placing CTAs in your blog posts and set benchmarks and strive to improve every month.

Establishes Authority

Web Development

The best business and marketing blogs answer common questions their leads and customers might have. The goal for business blogs is to consistently create content that is helpful and relevant to their customers. It should not only be entertaining but also useful. This will help you become a figure of authority especially if you are selling product or providing a service.

While there is no metric that measures authority or an exact path that will help you become one, it is still a very powerful one. If a prospective customer finds an answer to a question they are more likely to come to the sales process because they fell that you’ve helped them.

Blog readers are also more likely to become leads because you have educated them about your product or service. They find value in what you have to offer.

Long Term Results

Let’s say you spent an hour creating a blog. This blog gets 100 views and 10 leads when published. The next day, it gets another 50 views and 5 leads when people find it on social media. After a few days, the fanfare has died down and you got a total of 150 views and 15 leads. But that’s not all you get.

Now that your blog is live, search engines will rank in search engines. This means that your post will continue to generate traffic, weeks, months and even years to come. So while it feels like you only get glory for 1 day, the effects of a single post lingers for a long time. It will continue to generate traffic even if you’re sitting in a literal traffic jam or while you’re on vacation in Bali.

The best thing about blogging is that it can be about anything you want. It can be about your product or service or maybe something you’re passionate about. When it comes to blogging, leads will usually come from older blog posts.

If you want to have consistent traffic from blogging, call a Sydney SEO Company. They can help in content creation so that you can engage readers and convert them to leads.

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