Online shopping is probably one of the best inventions of this century. Thanks to this service, we can now enjoy shopping without leaving the comfort of our homes. Our orders are delivered to our doorsteps and ready for our enjoyment.

Just like physical stores, online stores are also facing stiff competition. Not only is it easy to buy stuff online, creating an online store has also become easier. Thanks to technology, anybody can set up an ecommerce store without coding needed.

Best Ways to Improve Your Sales

When competition is stiff, you need to adapt better practices in order to get noticed and get ahead. Here are some ways you can improve the sales of your online store.

Beautiful & Appealing Images

The internet is primarily made up of text and images. Many of us rely on visual cues in order to navigate a page. Marketers agree that images are powerful tools that can boost audience engagement online. According to marketologist Jeff Bullas, 87% of online shoppers agree that images of a product are more important than customer review.

This is why it is important to take clear pictures of your products. Remember that shoppers will be relying on these pictures to get a feel of a product they can’t really see and touch.

Product Demos

Stunning images are cool but they can’t really impact a buying decision. In an effort to standout, many online shops are turning to product demonstrations to boost sales.

Take Zappos for example. They were one of the first online shops to take advantage of online reviews of their products and it was a success. According to their statistics, Zappos reviews produced 6 to 30% increase in sales. Interestingly, Zappos did not hire actors but staff members. This was one of the factors that helped them get a big chunk of the market because many people trusted Zappos employees who knew their products better.

Variety Of Filters

Many ecommerce shops sell different products. It can be hard to find what you’re looking for when faced with thousands of products within a category. To make things easier for the buyer, online shops have a variety of filters so that they can find what they’re looking for in seconds.

For example, if you’re online store is selling clothing it would be helpful if you can filter brand, size, color and occasion.

But don’t just stop there. You can also include filters like “below $50”, materials, compatibility (for gadgets like smartphones) and special features.

Personalized Communication

This is especially true when you’re selling electronics. Many buyers easily get lost in technological lingo.

While giving out detailed descriptions of gadgets is completely normal, it does not tell you how this gadget is different from the others. This is why you also need to include non-technical descriptions so that people can understand what you’re talking about.  When you stop talking like a machine and communicate like a normal person, overcoming the technological gap is easier because the language is now easier to understand. When this happens, buyers are quick to make their decisions.

Viewing History

Window shopping does not only happen in physical stores, it also happens in online stores. Many buyers like to see many different kinds of products because it is now easier to view and compare products online. Showing them a viewing history will make it easier for them to return to a previously viewed product that they might want to reconsider.

Viewing history also shows “related” products to the ones you have purchased or viewed before. For example, if you have recently bought a handbag from a brand, the online shop will show you backpacks or slingbags and other products from the same brand. Showing related products is a good way to keep user engaged and personalize their shopping experience.

Responsive web design is one of the biggest factors for online success. Our web design services for businesses Australia wide will ensure your ecommerce store looks professional and is both search-friendly and user-friendly.

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