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The use of mobile phones is beyond just text messages and phone calls. Nowadays, users use smartphones to update their social media networks about their whereabouts with the help of location-based mobile apps i.e. update where they are eating, with whom are they travelling with, where are they travelling to and what they are doing...
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The Best iPhone Apps Every Web Designer and Developer Should Have The recent rise of Android smartphones is putting pressure on Apple’s iPhone market.  The rich and competitive features of Android phones directly challenge the iPhone’s global market domination.  But despite the close contest, a lot of people still favors iPhone and even considered it...
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HTML5 Mobile Website vs Native iPhone Apps, Mobile web to rule mobile apps. The new mobile web standard of HTML5 offers some clear advantages over native mobile apps that are developed for a specific os.  One big advantage is that they are cross-platform compatible so they can be viewed and run on iOS, iPhone, iPad,...
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3 Keys to Achieve The Best Result from your iPhone App Developers. Here you are with a great iPhone application idea to promote your brand. You’ve sealed the deal with a trustworthy iPhone application developer. Can you now sit back and let your developer do all the work? Definitely not! To generate better iPhone application...
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3 Effective Tips in Hiring an iPhone Apps Developer The iPhone applications industry has been going nowhere but up during the last years.  With the growth of iPhone sales, comes the ever increasing craving for more and more applications to suit everybody’s tastes, style and preferences.  Don’t get left behind by the iPhone application rage!...
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