12 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid

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Digital Marketing is a lot more complicated today than it was before. Years ago, marketers relied heavily on simple email marketing techniques, owning a simple company website, social media accounts and a simple blog site. However, nowadays, there are tons of new trends you can use to promote your brand and make revenue online.

With more business owners realizing the perks that come with digital marketing, it’s essential to note that there are things to consider before you can taste sweet success. And the best way to make the most out of your digital marketing this 2019 is to learn from past mistakes. After all, wisdom lies in the lessons learned from the past.

12 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Here are the 12 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Need To Steer Clear Of This 2019.

Having No Smart Marketing Goals

An essential part of every marketing plan is goal setting. Goals and objectives help you focus on the task at hand, strive harder to succeed and measure success. However, digital marketers should not settle on generic goals. Ensure that your goals are specific enough to track, measurable and time-bound enough for you determine when you’re able to accomplish it and that it’s challenging but still attainable and realistic. It would be best to write down your smart goals and place your note where you can see it every day.

Thinking Digital Marketing Produces a Fast and Instant Result

Digital Marketing takes time, effort and a lot of patience. This only means it is not an overnight road to success. This is why entrepreneurs should steer clear of SEO companies who offer instant results. It suffices to say that it is a long-term commitment – he very reasons why you should not do it all alone.

Not Taking Advantage of Content Marketing

One of the most trending and effective digital marketing strategies nowadays is content marketing. It works great in helping introduce your brand, build trust, cultivate customer loyalty, generate leads, etc. By creating compelling, engaging, unique and useful contents and optimizing it afterward, you get to understand your customer’s needs better and know what to improve to make more convertibles.

Focusing Only on One Content

Contents can come different forms, and one of the most popular ones these days are videos. By using video contents, you’re increasing your chances of showing up on online searches. Just make sure that the video you create is relevant, informative, useful and uses the tone of your company. Also, make sure to optimize it afterward to increase its effectivity.

Catering to the Wrong Audience

All of your marketing efforts will only come to waste if you cater to the wrong audience. Before you start creating contents, make sure to create a specific client profile. To whom should you offer your products? What are their age, location, financial status, gender? Also, make sure to check where you can find them like for example what social media sites do they use.

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Over-promoting and Social Media Misuse

Some companies have multiple social media profiles which are a big no-no. Business should only use one profile per social media site to avoid confusion among client. Also, another common mistake is over promotion. Yes, you can use social sites to let your clients know the latest offers, news, developments, and achievements. However, there’s a fine line between overflooding their newsfeed and having a meaningful interaction with your customers.

Poor Online Customer-support Etiquette

You may have an online chat and ticket system that you encourage customers to use for inquiries, feedbacks, and reviews. However, if you don’t reply promptly, fails to address customer concerns and make use of negative language, then you’re risking your business f losing customers. Same goes for the comments, feedbacks, and mails you receive in social media. Make sure to encourage interaction, reply on time, appreciate good feedbacks and address concerns in private.

Having a Generic Website

We get it – sites are an essential part of your digital marketing plan. However, one should make sure to keep if fast, informative, professional-looking, updated and mobile-optimized. It has to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Having a website is not enough. One needs to make sure your visitors will be enticed enough to stay longer and check out what you have to offer. Make sure to optimize it not only for organic Search Engine Optimization but also for mobiles as billions of people are using this to search for products and services, according to Statista.

Not Tracking and Understanding Your Analytics

Data are vital since this is what you can review to check your performance and whether or not you’ve reached your goal. This is why every digital marketing expert recommends you to check your analytics. It’s not just about website analytics – there’s social media, audience, advertising, and big data analytics as well as competitive analytics. Make sure to explore these areas for a more productive and successful campaign. Thankfully there are lots of SEO tools you can use to track analytics and many others that can improve your digital marketing results.

Focusing on New Customers Only

Many fail to realize that while customer acquisition may mean your marketing efforts are working, it’s best not to forget about your previous and existing clients. Experts claim that you only get about 20% maximum new clients while the probability of you making conversions by catering to old and existing clients are up to 70%. This is why excellent customer relations is essential.

Failure to Personalize Campaign Efforts

Personalization is the key to a successful marketing campaign. Take email marketing for example. Would you click on a generic and spammy email that is obviously made by a novice? No, right? Make sure to make your emails look as if you’re directly trying to communicate with each kind of client you have. Base the emails you send to clients on their needs, wants and by their recent navigation history.

Depending on One Digital Marketing Campaign

Diversification is essential for every business marketing plan. Take your marketing efforts like how you handle investments. Would you rely on a single basket to produce results? You can’t enjoy conversions to the fullest if you only rely on Social Media Marketing alone. You’ll also need to put emails, contents, SEO, etc. into the mix.

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