Marketing is very important especially in the internet. Ecommerce sites and even blog sites face stiff competition and many more are creating websites every day. Businesses and blogs that do not have good digital marketing strategies  can fall through the cracks. This can lead to poor traffic and eventual closure of the website.

The good news is that there are many strategies available out there. A combination of these strategies plus consistency can help boost traffic and improve website rankings in search engines. If you’re not afraid to try new digital marketing strategies or if you’re simply looking for new ones, you’ve come to the right place.

Switch From Outbound to Content Marketing

In the old days, marketers usually highlighted products and services through their features and capabilities. Nowadays, you also need to add value to your brand and you can do this by teaching customers. Not only will this help establish you as a thought leader, it will also add credibility to your brand and make customers believe what you’re selling.


Many marketers and companies find the thought of changing to an inbound format risky. How will people know what you’re offering? How do you sell or generate leads without mentioning the product? Content marketing is scary to adopt at first because it relies on expertise and puts the ball in your customer’s court.

However, content marketing is shown to drive more leads and sales compared to outbound marketing. According to, content marketing generates as much as 3 times more leads compared to outbound marketing.

Interactive Content

As content marketing rises in popularity, it can become difficult for consumers to sift through the clutter. Even though we know how to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, it is intimidating to make our content more exciting and interactive.

Interactive content can help generate attention to your message and increase engagement in social media sites. Good examples include ROI calculators, infographics and quizzes that can help tell your brand’s story in a more dramatic and attention grabbing fashion.

Interactive and fun content can also draw attention to your blogs, helping you extend your reach and build your customer base.

Embrace Up-And-Coming Social Media Channels

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will always have special places in our hearts because they help us reach customers and prospects in new ways. In this connection, new social media sites can help you explore new ways of reaching customers.

New social media channels can also give you a platform to experiment with interactive content as mentioned above.

Develop Content For People Not Algorithms

Struggling for Content Tips for Inspiration

Marketers have gotten into the habit of developing content that will propel them on top of search engine rankings. These days you have to think outside the box and think of what your reader needs. You have to think about their desires, worries and questions that they want answered.

Creating content that will be seen by thousands of eyes is no longer enough to differentiate yourself from the hundreds of others that are doing the same thing. Readers today want real ideas that are well written that display interesting ideas and thoughts.

While SEO is still very important, you should think about your readers first and search engines second. Instead of using keywords to rank on search engines, use them to highlight reader’s pain points and drawing readers in by providing information that they need.

Reuse And Repurpose Old Content

It is normal for readers or customers not to see your content immediately. In fact, it can take multiple blogs, channels and a lot of effort before they see your content. This means that you need to repost your most popular blogs with new titles and images.

You can reuse old content from blogs and turn them into newsletters or vice versa. There are also automation tools that let you reuse and repurpose content automatically so that you can attract new audience.

Trying out something new can be scary but exciting at the same time. Marketers, writers and even experts can get stuck on doing the same thing over and over again. Taking small steps by tying something new can help you find better and more effective digital marketing strategies that work for your business.

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