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SEO and social media are two essential components of any effective online marketing campaign. However, there’s been some confusion that SEO and social media are separate entities, each operating in their own world with distinct marketing results. 

It may be unclear if social media has a direct impact on search engine algorithms, but it’s a mistake to assume that they don’t influence each other. The reality is that aligning your SEO and social media efforts will only serve to maximize your brand exposure. They may be two different marketing strategies but their goals certainly overlap. Social media impacts SEO to create the best opportunities to help your organic search efforts and provide relevance for your audience. 

In this blog, you’ll learn how you can leverage social media to improve your SEO efforts. Your business should be thinking about optimizing your own social media pages to help guarantee success. 

The Impact of Social Media to SEO

Social Media Increases Search Visibility 

Social media pages help drive organic visitors to your website and blog content. One of the greatest social media benefits is the potential to gather all of your quality content and promote it on diverse channels. 

A strong social media presence can give your content a platform to encourage discussions. By promoting your content on social platforms, it can gain greater visibility and reach a lot of new people who may share it further. Make sure you are connected with the right people as they can disseminate content to a large audience. 

Social sharing broadens and enhances your inbound link potential. Tools like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter are some of the most effective channels to push SEO content. Inbound links from social media shares may not be as impactful as high-quality backlinks but they can still improve your bounce and engagement rates. 

Social Media Efforts can Lead to Quality Backlinks. 

While ranking algorithms on backlinks has evolved over the years, the number of quality backlinks a website still plays an integral role for search engines. Consequently, link building is a widely-used technique among marketers. A social media page that has been read and shared a thousand times on social media can be a solid ground for backlinking practices. 

The logic here is fairly simple. Your social media presence and backlink profile will add to the trust factors that influence your online brand authority from Google and Bing. Social media marketing helps foster engagement and stay connected with their target audience. Engaging content means more shares, resulting in more opportunities for people to find and link to your content. 

High-quality backlinks that circulate in social media can determine where you appear in search engines like Google. Social media increases the likelihood of earning more external websites to link to your content. The more reputable and authoritative websites that are linking to your content, the more it improves your SEO. 

Social Media Helps Build Brand Awareness 

Another way that social media can contribute to your SEO efforts is by improving your brand awareness. When consumers recognize your brand, they’re more likely to do business with you. 

Social media is another channel for your target audience to recognize you. Regularly generating new content which addresses your audience’s needs will help build trust with your site visitors. 

Additionally, an increased brand awareness on your social platforms could mean more branded organic search traffic coming to your site or your other social pages. An effective technique is to collaborate with influencers to encourage them to interact back and build a relevant following. Influencers usually have massive followings which can be a huge benefit on increasing the word-of-mouth to your business. 

Keeping an eye on trending topics and adding to the conversation can also be a part of your social media strategy. You can also post shareable content like survey results and statistics to promote social media engagement. Just make sure to keep regular tracking of your social media analytics to ensure your efforts have a positive impact on your website’s performance. 

Social Media can Provide Quality Following 

Social media is a great place to build a quality following. Your social media activity will have a greater impact on your SEO if its directed at the right people 

Quality followers are your target audience who can find your content appropriate, share your content and will spend longer time engaging with your website. 

Whatever platform you are using (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.), make sure you are connected with the right people. You can invest in tools like Buzzsumo to help you find influencers about certain topics that are of relevant importance to your content. Share articles, join groups, take part in discussions and leave comments to directly interact with your followers rather than just posting a one-way dialogue. This might compel them to share your social media posts with their network, which isn’t just beneficial to your SEO but to your organic traffic as well. 

Social Media Can Boost your Local SEO 

Competing against larger businesses on a national scale can be a daunting task but focusing on local SEO can help get your business in front of nearby consumers. 

Local SEO is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on optimizing your website so that you can rank higher in local search results. Meanwhile, social media can be a powerful tool to engage with your local community. It sends local-specific signals to search engines like Google. 

If your business has a physical location or serves specific areas, be sure to get your business name, location, contact information and working hours featured across your social platforms. Most social platforms have this in their profile boxes where you can include this information. Your information is more likely to populate in the results of users looking for nearby local businesses once you have this information on social platforms. Try searching for “[Your City] + [Your product/ service]” and see if your company comes up. Getting listed on that search results page is the best thing you can do to gain more qualified leads. 

You can also use social media to show your involvement with the events in your community or interact with local brands using your social media channels. 


Social media might not have a direct impact with SEO. However, neglecting it can be a huge mistake. For your digital marketing efforts to succeed, you need to integrate your social media and SEO efforts. Understanding how they work together and applying these insights to your campaign can yield better results for your business. 

If you need help getting started about how to improve your business’ social media engagement and maximize the positive impact of your social media efforts, our experienced team at Creativ Digital is available to help advise you. Contact us and let’s have a conversation about achieving your online goals today.

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