The Best Apps to Manage Your Online Business

The Best Apps to Manage Your Online Business

Nowadays, everything runs through our mobile phones. We receive important messages, reminders, and some instant notifications that allow us to see some progress and updates. Mobile phones have been helpful in performing different tasks even if we are away from home. It offers convenience and has accessible features that lead to good results for business owners of eCommerce stores.

With the help of advanced technology, the possibility of managing your business through apps became possible. Of all the trends now, it is important that one should be knowledgeable in following marketing updates and trends. Keeping yourself up to date with the new apps to track and manage your ecommerce store will really be beneficial for your business. Here, we will be rounding up a list of the best apps to manage your online store.


Among all the photo editing platforms, Canva is making a name outranking other photo editing software. This app is very good at delivering a good quality template that offers a variety of ideas to create marketing flyers. It also has a list of categories that helps the user to distinguish what could be the best template for so that users can use Canva for free. If you want more premium templates and high-quality photos for your marketing ads, you can then to upgrade to a premium plan.

Canva is a good investment for your business so you can create your marketing materials such as social media posts and videos. Good content with high-quality graphics usually attracts customers.


Square is a platform where you can efficiently manage your store by using its payment services. By using this app, you can build an easier mode of payment for your customer. It is so much easier to use just like Paypal but it is more known for its in-person transaction. If you want to sell a course or some products online, you can generate a link and embed the code to your site. You can also generate a code and create buttons so it would be more convenient. Sellers who are looking for an easier and fast solution to their payment collection would love Square’s features. It is also free to use, just like another payment gateway with a commission on every item that you process.


We are all familiar with big networks such as Facebook and Instagram where most ecommerce businesses do advertisements to promote their store. This time let’s focus on what Tiktok can bring to the table. Tiktok is a video entertainment platform where there are millions of users worldwide. The word “millions of users” is a golden hint which indicates that this platform is where some good content is at. Using Tiktok, you can introduce your brand and the services you are selling. Show them your products using videos with lively effects and filters. The secret here is to create a good quality video and highly engaging content. 


You can now stop worrying about how you can connect with your clients to update reports. This accounting mobile app helps you create and send an nvoice. You may also respond to their inquiries and some important feedback regarding other documents. To make it work smoothly, you have to sync your mobile app to your desktop so you can keep the flow of your business anywhere you go.


It’s a free time tracking app to help you monitor the progress of your employee’s time and recent tasks. As an ecommerce owner, it is ideal to organize and manage responsibly the people who are behind the success of your business. You can use this as their time tracker to be able to help them out in organizing every work-related matter.  


Managing an ecommerce business is indeed a challenging task especially if you have only a small team to handle all the necessary work. As a business owner, it is your priority to fulfill your customer’s satisfaction. With all these apps, you can then lessen your burden and focus on your core business. These apps will be really helpful in making you successful in managing your online store.

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