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Ecommerce is quickly becoming a significant part of global commerce taking the rank of all other retailers and business industries. When it comes to keeping up with the competency in the market, there are a number of ways to consider. Aside from building a responsive web design and implementing SEO practices, it is also important to build quality backlinks. The greater the number of backlinks you have, the greater the amount of traffic it can lead to your website. Building high-quality backlinks that are relevant to eCommerce takes time and effort.

Optimisation is not an easy subject. Just by the word itself, you might wonder what it is and how you will be able to build a backlink. Optimisation is a term which even digital marketers often encounter as a challenge. It is a rigorous task to apply different tactics just to rank up ahead in the search engine. Although you may get audiences from other social media pages, it is crucial to optimise and focus more on the ecommerce site. This is where the backlink enters. 

A backlink is also known as an incoming link that comes from a website going to another page of another website. It is often regarded as a recommendation from a website that recognises your content. The more backlinks you get from another quality site, the more chances of getting more visitors to your site. It is also important that a backlink should be from a website that has a high domain rating. Here, we have rounded up some important tips on how you can build quality backlinks:


Help A Reporter Out, also known as HARO, is one of the best ways to get a high-quality backlink. You can use this service for free. You just have to register your website to the platform and make sure that you give the right information. You will then receive a series of questions through your registered email. Usually, a lot of high-domain rating websites such as Forbes use HARO and they look for many different sources. This will help you become their source of information. 

If your answer was picked up by a reporter, they will mention you in their article and your name and company will be featured in their next article. Reporters normally attribute the backlink to you. In some instances wherein your backlink isn’t properly credited, you may message the reporter to give you proper credit for the quote or information you gave.

Have a Quality Content Format 

Your content format is important just as you create your title clickable. Use a format that is easy to read. Write content that asks and answers questions, solves problems, and round-ups. It is easier to comprehend and usually has short but detailed content that everyone can just enjoy reading. Imagine yourself picking an article to read for a day. This is the mindset that you need to overlook. Put yourself in their shoes and you will definitely understand why it has the power to attract backlinks. 

Do Guest Posting

Do guest blogging and you will have a backlink. Guest posting is writing content for another 

website. You can get backlinks from blogs to your own ecommerce site in exchange for an article. You can put your links on any other part of the content which you have created.


Backlinks are an important component of search engine optimisation, and their primary purpose is to link your website to other websites. You might think of it as a recommendation from another reputable website. Consider the value of receiving a backlink from Forbes or another well-known website that publishes product reviews. By obtaining a high-quality backlink profile for your online store, you can bring more attention to your business.

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