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You have been dreaming of having a successful online business. You are inspired by the compelling stories of many people who have quit their job and started an online business instead. This isn’t an impossible dream. You can actually achieve it. But just as everybody else is doing, you need to prepare certain things. One of these is to build an ecommerce store. This will be the start of your journey.

Once  you have an ecommerce store, the problem most business owners usually encounter is to maintain the number of visits to their site. These visitors are possible clients that will give you an increase in sales and raise awareness to your brand. But have you ever wondered why visitors leave your site?

Why Customers Are Leaving Your Online Store

These are possible reasons why customers are leaving your ecommerce store:

Unorganised Contents

Even in a physical shop, we always look for an organised place. We want it to be easy on our parts to find what we are looking for in the shop. It is therefore important that before you build an ecommerce site, you already have a draft of your menu and sub-pages. Use a category to divide and organise the items you are selling. Don’t mix everything into one category. If you need more than one folder for you to place the item such as shirts, then do it. It does not matter how many categories you create as long as it matches well with the items that you are presently selling online. Never put shoes in the food and goods category as well as a toy in beauty products. Additionally, keep the name of your category readable so customers can easily understand and find it.

Confusing Navigation

It is important that as you simplify and organise your content, navigating your site is also easy for the users. Making it complex just to impress users won’t work. Keep your site simple and plain to navigate so if they need to find your address or contacts, they can just easily click on the menu on your homepage. This also applies when displaying your contact details. You can also place your contact details on the top of the header. Don’t hide pages that contain a piece of important information about your store.

Lack of Branding

Branding is important in every business as it helps in raising awareness to consumers about your business and services. If you don’t have any brand colors and fonts yet for your company, then you need to start conceptualising and creating one. This is important as it helps your brand to be recognised. You will also be needing it a lot not just for your website but for other social media platforms especially in creating social media content.

Slow Page Speed

Now, this is the most common culprit when it comes to determining the reason why users leave your site. No one has the patience to stay waiting in front of their monitor while your site page keeps on loading. Visitors will tend to close the tab right away. Prioritise this feature and make sure that you keep your site on the recommended page speed of Google.

No Reviews and Testimonials

Since it is an online business, the possibilities for people to have trust issues are high. If they don’t see any reviews, feedback, and testimonials, they will surely take the risk and trust your site. It is important that you provide some credible feedback from your customers which will give an assurance to your new customer that you are a reputable business.


The above are just some of the most common reasons why users leave your site although this can be resolved. Working with your web designs and overall features of your site that require technical attention is one of the best ways to fix this issue. Treat your ecommerce site as your physical shop that needs improvement. After all, your customer’s satisfaction is a business’ mission.

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