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Recently our blog featured popular web tools designers use to build websites and landing pages. These tools are popular among designers because they offer the best functionality, pricing and support. Let’s continue where we left off in part 1. Hotjar   If you want to know what guests do on your websites, get hooked up...
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Marketing Planning
Just like many of us, designers and developers rely on tools to make their jobs easier. They like to find programs or software that offers the best support, pricing and functionalities. For example, HotJar is popular for logo design and creation and Landigi is used by non-programmers to create landing pages that convert quickly. Here...
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Top #web services testing tools Considering that a website is all but mandatory, no matter what the business, enterprise or organization, it is no wonder that web services testing tools have gained even more importance in today’s world. Whether it is a government arm or a not-for-profit group, an educational group or a corporate, a...
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