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Front end development is focusing more and more on efficiency. Pre-processors like Less and SCSS make the job easier for many programmers but there are many ways to write minimal quick CSS the native way. Luckily we have some tips below to help you eliminate the many duplicate rules and overrides. They will help you...
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CSS has become easier over the last few years thanks to an abundance of tools that has helped make web development easier. Some of these are new, some old but hopefully you will find something that will make work easier for you. Bourbon   Bourbon is a valuable resource for Sass developers. It’s a free...
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Seven Useful Web Development Tips & Tools for Cross-Compatibility
Seven Useful #web development Tips & Tools for Cross-Compatibility Many people consider the web development thing as a piece of cake. However, the fact is many times it becomes a daunting experience. A web designer has to test the web page a number of times after coding with different popular browsers. It is important to...
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