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New tools for web designers and developers are always on the rise. For example, Apple has open-sourced a new data system and Google has released a new tool to measure the speed of your website on mobile.

Resources For Web Designers & Developers

With new tools always available, let’s take a look at some of the most feature-rich resources.


VuePress is a static site generator for Vue.js in mind. It has the ability to generate and pre-render static HTML for each page and run as an SPA (single-page application).

Other cool features include Google Analytics ID, search, next, prev navigation, sidebar, and PWA. Enjoy the dev experience with Vue + webpack that allows you to develop custom themes. It is easy to use and helps you focus on writing.


IMG-2 is a JavaScript library that introduces a custom element, img-2. This element adds new optimization that does not come with the standard img element, improving how the image is loaded for users.

IMG-2 will automatically:

  • Render initial images which are visible to the user.
  • Pre-cache all other images off the main thread.
  • Lazy load images as they enter the user’s viewport instantly from the cache.
  • Display a blurred preview image while the user waits for initial images



UnifiedArchive is a PHP library that deals with compressed files. It supports a wide range of formats such as RAR, Zip, Gzip, Tar and other compression types. With this library you can archive and extract files or directories.

It also has a handful of APIs to manipulate files after it has been extracted from the archive. UnifiedArchive is available as a Composer package.

Github Learning Lab

Github has announced their free course covering Git. These 5 courses can let you learn a few handy things such as how to use Github to host your codes, to get a free site for your blog or project and manage merge conflicts. You get all these skills without leaving Github and you learn through a series of fun practical projects while sharing helpful feedback along the way.


Use Popmotion for buttery smooth animation on the web. It provides an API called Physics that allows you to create near human-like animation effects. Animate any medium including CSS, SVG, Three.js and even React.js.

Have you tried any of these resources? Would you like to share your feedback? Tell us by leaving your comments below.

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