How to Leverage Google Analytics Data in Your Database

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The internet marketplace offers many opportunities for any type of business to compete. However, there are also challenges that your business has to overcome, top of these being increased competition.  Your online business is competing at a global level, meaning you have to contend with competition from major players in your niche. To stay ahead of the pack, you need to optimize your website for search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) must be at the core of your marketing strategy.

Importance of Google Analytics

While there are many SEO tools you can leverage to boost your business, Google Analytics stands out due to its relevance in contemporary times. This is a free tool from Google which helps you track information about potential leads and also gather invaluable customer insight. When used together with a powerful database, the information gathered here can propel your business to the highest heights.

This tool helps in the collection, processing, and analysis of data arising from your online processes. The importance of data in modern business cannot be overemphasized. The information collected by Google Analytics is crucial in helping you understand and optimize your company’s website usage. The insight gathered is crucial in helping shape your business strategy. In summary, Google Analytics helps in:

  1. Identifying the source of traffic – You can easily tell where your site’s visitors are coming from. It is easy to determine whether traffic is flowing from referral links, paid advertisements, search engines or other sources.
  2. Determine page popularity – You can determine specific page popularity in order to determine which content is valuable to the site.
  3. Bounce rates – High bounce rates for s specific webpage highlight some problem in keyword use, relevancy of content, quality of content or other issues.
  4. Traffic flow data – This is a crucial factor in determining the success of your marketing campaign. The numbers you get about website visitors will help in building your future strategy. You will also learn which devices your website visitors are using.

Google Analytics offers many other advantages including the chance to review historical data, understand the type of visitors who frequent your site, identify the most clicked pages and links, identifying other keywords your visitors use to find your website and many more aspects. Using this information, you can now fine-tune your website in terms of speed, content quality, web redesign and many other ways.

Using Google Analytics with Database

There are many reasons to use a powerful database for your website, the main one being the capacity to process all data coming to your website. Google Analytics provides crucial data that can easily help build a stronger website strategy. It is now possible to load your Google Analytics data without the need for coding.

By integrating Google Analytics into your database, you will be enhancing your DBA processes and this is where DBA service by Remote DBA.comcomes in handy. Your DBA has the expertise to extract any data sets you need from Google Analytics into your business.

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