It takes more than just imagery and good structure to make a great website. Although the quality of design is important attention should also be paid to a site’s UX and UI.

This is where UX design tools come into play and the demand for UX designers are on the rise. A good understanding of UX designs, practices and principles is needed. You also need good UX and UI tools to help make the job easier.

Top UX/UI Tools

Use these top UX design career off to a super start.


UX and UI designers use mock-ups and prototypes in their work. This is because they are effective. However, this practice also contributes to higher overhead costs and delays that can confuse teams.

Mason is a good solution. It’s a tool that allows you to design digital and software features at component level without the need for wireframes, prototypes and mock-ups. The finished product will always mirror the design pixel to pixel with accuracy.

Coding is not needed for Mason and is very straightforward and easy to implement.


One of the best ways designers present their project is through storytelling. This is a good way to connect the dots and to describe the user-journey. Designers can present in a way that allows the audience to empathize and focus on the important matters and give then feedback. This is what Overflow can do.

It is basically a flow diagramming tool tailored for designers. Overflow is an impactful tool for designers to effectively present their work while engaging the audience and encouraging feedback.


Rapid prototyping teams need quick feedback loops if their approach to UX and UI are to be effective. UXPin enables teams to design, share, test prototypes before they are delivered as development-ready designs.

Data needed by developers is automatically generated. It also features an inspect tool that can be used to verify the design before it is handed to the developers. This is to ensure that the deployed product will always match the design elements. UXPin also has a Design Systems solution to help you keep consistency across the whole products UI elements.


UI/UX is not just about wireframes and mockups. You also need to support many diagram types including flow charts, mind maps, UML diagrams and wireframes. Creately has diagramming features and collaboration features that makes designing easier.

Create diagrams easily using Creately’s diagramming tools. Choose from 1000s of professionally-designed diagram templates to quickly complete UX design projects.

Fluid UI

If you want a prototyping, wireframing, and mockup tool in 1 FluidUI is a good choice. It also has collaboration features that project managers and distributed design teams will find useful. FluidUI has comprehensive component libraries that contain design elements for desktop, iOS and Android applications.

Users can communicate via live chat and interactive video presentations in addition to sharing annotations and notes.

Have you used any of these tools? Which one are you most comfortable with? Tell us by leaving your comments below.

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