Link Building Updates You Cannot Ignore! Some Tips for Today’s SEO Professionals


Link building is considered to be the most important skill of SEO marketing. There are so many different strategies when it comes to digital marketing, and when you can master them well, you can ensure that you have a successful marketing campaign to look forward to. Since the internet and the technologies associated with it are evolving with time, it is essential that you have a link building strategy to look forward to and can employ it for the benefit of your website. There are different skills that you need to master to use the digital marketing method to your advantage, and link building is just one of them and is a crucial part indeed. It can be rightly said that if you want more search engine related traffic, the link building campaign is the sure shot way to get them.

Link building methods

The methods of link building are changing from time to time, and the latest updates have to be employed for your website to make sure that your site is at par with the latest technologies and work smoothly on any device and interface that operate on the latest technologies. It is important to have a thorough understanding of the link building campaigns and the benefits that you can get from them. When a website has many backlinks from various sources, it is considered to be a quality site with quality content and hence would rank higher up in the Google ranking. Google now also focuses on the link quality and not just the quantity. That is why you must keep in mind some of the latest link building updates for 2017 when you are creating your own link building strategies.

The page you link back to

There are different kinds of links on the internet, and they can have a different impact on your website ranking. When you are linked back from a relevant web page which has a PageRank powerhouse, it can influence your Google ranking to a large extent. It has been observed from years of research that the authority of the page that is linking to your website has a huge impact on your ranking and is one of the most important factors which must be taken into consideration. The main reason behind this is that the authoritative pages would be able to pass more authority which is also called PageRank to your site, unlike a website which does not have as much exposure or audience online. There are applications like the Ahrefs to check the proxy indicator of the PageRank for a site to determine whether it is powerful enough and would help you at all with your ranking.

Try and get in touch with a website or a blog with is relevant to your site and get a link back to them than getting many link backs from no-name bloggers.

The relevancy of the site

It is important to take note of the relevance of the website which you are linking with to ensure that it does not look like you are trying to manipulate the Google algorithms for increasing your ranking. Further, when you link with a website randomly, it affects the quality of the content that your site has. If your audiences are looking for certain information from your site but end up being redirected to another website which has an entirely different topic of interest on their reading list, the audience would feel betrayed and that their time is being wasted which would have an adverse impact on our traffic and audience psyche. With the help of the SEO keyword research template, you can easily manage this issue of relevancy. You can look up the relevant keywords which are suitable for the links and the content on your website and at the same time make sure that these keywords are taken care of such that you get a better ranking.

When you have the relevant link backs from another website with similar topics and the link is suitable for the context of the content, then it is considered to be a good link building campaign.

The position of the link on the page

When you are publishing an article that has anchor texts that are part of your link building campaign, it is essential to take note of the position of the anchor text on the page. If the anchor text is in the first couple of paragraphs and is the beginning of a sentence, it can send out a negative impression to the audiences. Further, it can look like a manipulation of the Google bots and the Google algorithm and hence a violation of the Google webmaster guidelines. If this is so, the ranking would be negatively impacted for your website. In case the link is further down the article, it may go unnoticed by the audience if they choose not to read through the entire article.

It is always safe and better to use the link back related anchor text in the middle of the content such that it is relevant to the things that you are writing there. One must make sure that the anchor text which is being used for the link building is relevant to the content and whatever you are talking about in the middle of the article.


It can be concluded that when you take note of some of the latest methods of link building you can reap the maximum output from the website. There are various methods of link building that are available to you, and you can come up with prosperous link building strategies when you take note of them.

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