Keyword Mistakes You’re Probably Guilty Of


The keywords you target for your SEO campaign are crucial for your ranking success. After all, the keywords you target are responsible for the type of traffic you will be receiving. This means that the right keywords have a better chance of being clicked compared to the wrong ones. Despite this, people are still making keyword mistakes that greatly affect their PPC success.

Here are some of the most common mistakes PPC advertisers commit in their keyword targeting.

Vague Keywords


Generally speaking, the more vague the keywords, the higher the CPC. It means that your budget will be eaten up more quickly when using vague keywords. Let’s say for example that you’re selling shoes and place a bid for “shoe” as keyword. This keyword will target people who are looking for all kinds of shoes.

The more specific the keyword; the higher the chance of reaching the intended audience.

Lack Of Negative Keywords


Negative keywords are a list of words you don’t want in your bidding campaign. You want to miss these words to prevent them from interfering with your campaign. This is very important to PPC campaigns because negative keywords prevent traffic that is not interested in what you’re selling. This means that negative keywords prevents drainage to your budget.

For example if you are selling acoustic guitars, negative keywords should include electric guitars and guitar music. This will not only prevent people who are looking for electric guitars but also those looking to buy guitar music. Better fine tune or review your negative keyword list.

Not Improving Or Updating Keywords


Finding the right keywords for your business and PPC campaign is an ongoing process. Some owners research their keywords and then run their campaigns year in and year out. However to be successful in PPC campaigns, keywords always need to be improved or updated. Business owners learn through trial and error which keywords work best and which ones need to be discarded.

Not Assessing The Cost Effectiveness Of Keywords


Sometimes people focus too much on CPC because it is a great way to get traffic to your landing page or advertisement.  However, ROI is more important than CPC. This stat will tell you how profitable it is to pay for a keyword in exchange for a conversion.

When you know the ROI of your keywords, you can choose the most profitable even though they don’t have high CPC.

Are you guilty of these mistakes? How have they affected your keyword and PPC campaigns? Tell us by leaving your comments below.



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