How to Improve Customer Experience For Your Ecommerce Website

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Customer service is one of the most important features of an ecommerce website. It is one of the determining factors if you have a competent way of managing an online business. Customer service can help your business develop a good impression to your customer as many users nowadays, despite the advancement in technology, feel dissatisfied with many unresponsive websites. Even large and well-known companies struggle to deliver a fast approach when it comes to resolving these issues. If you want your business to be successful, make sure that you consider improving your customer experience. In this post, we rounded up the following tips on how you can improve your customer service.

Improve the Loading Speed of Your Site

If you want to lessen the number of your bounce rate, it is time to check whether your web pages load slowly. You can’t let your customer wait for several minutes when your every page redirects slowly. It will make them lose their patience just as you will lose your sales also. Make sure that you take some action on how you can improve the loading speed of your site. Remove unnecessary features that affect the website loading performance.

Upload High-Quality Photo of your Products

Do not just randomly upload photos. If you are going to present your items to your shoppers, make sure that you give them a quality photo that best represents the authentic products that you are selling. Do not upload photos that you just randomly downloaded from stock images. You can hire a professional photographer. Take it as one of your investments for your ecommerce business. High-quality images from your site will attract customers. 

Build A Community

Building a community for your e-commerce website is a fun way to interact with your customers. It provides a good channel to engage and promote your deals and new products also to give them a sneak peek exclusively for your upcoming promos! You can use the Facebook group to start a community. Encourage them to invite their friends also so you can expand your target audience. 

Create Amazing Deals and Promos

One way to excite the shoppers is to create awesome promos such as giving freebies and having a buy one take one deal. It amplifies their desire to have more from what you offer. Use great content and snippets in promoting these deals to help you in emphasising your promotion. Make sure that you highlight all your available promo on your website and social media. Do not just rely solely on one platform, try different media channels to advertise your great deals.

Take Advantage of your Pop-Up Form

Take advantage of the forms available from your websites such as the language and the pop-up form. Aside from promoting your deals and promos, it encourages the user to input their email address which can help you in collecting information to use for your email marketing. This is a good marketing strategy to collect email addresses in a legit way where they have the option to subscribe or not on your website. Once you have the list of emails you may run an email marketing campaign to promote your products. Maximise the use of your form by adding freebies or creating an irresistible offer. 


Improving your customer experience can boost your sales. If you want to have a favourable review and a good rating from your customer, you must consider checking out your performance when it comes to engaging with the users in your ecommerce website.

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