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The tablet market may have cooled down from its hay day but Apple’s iPad is still one of the most coveted and useful gadgets to own. Many users praise this tablet for its huge screen and impressive specs. The iPad is a great platform for productivity apps, social media tools, productivity apps and everything else in between.

Here are some of the best iPad apps you can download and use for better productivity and convenience.



This is perhaps the internet’s most favorite note-taking service. Evernote has a powerful mix of functions and a simple and effective interface and cross-platform support. This app has everything you need to keep your ideas organized.

Jot down notes and images then send to the printer or share on Facebook, Twitter or through email.


Timepage by Moleskine is a calendar-app for the iOs that sell for around $6.99. it is  a feature-packed smart calendar and day planner that can work with existing calendar providers like iCloud, Google and Facebook.

The base-view provides an outline of your day’s coming appointments with a date tab on the side to select specific days of the week. There is also a “heat map” which shows days that are going to be busy.



Paper by Fifty-Three started out as a sketchbook and drawing app but it has now expanded its features to include checklists, photo annotations and note taking but retaining the apps original drawing engine and analogue feel.

Bring together your checklists, notes, photographs and notebooks for easy organizing. Once you’re done, your work can be exported into PDF, Keynote or Power Point format.

Astropad Studio


Turn your iPad into a graphics tablet with Astropad Studio. It provides a natural drawing experience. Astropad supports a variety of pressure-sensitive stylus brands like Adonit, Wacom and Apple’s Pencil. It is designed to work really well whether you’re connected through USB or wirelessly.



Procreate is a digital arts studio that features support for ultra-high def 4k canvases, up to 128 layers, 250 levels of undo and redo, and more than 100 customizable brushes.

This app puts on an impressive performance. Don’t use it if you’re just going to doodle. However, this is one of the top choices if you want a robust, professional quality art app or your iPad.


Laughter is the best medicine and what better way to find something to laugh about than Comixology? It is a digital comic book reader that allows people to access comics bought through Comixology. It is backed by the biggest comic book market place that features big name publishers such as Marvel, DC, Image and IDW.

It features Guided View technology which allows for panel-by-panel reading experience. It takes advantage of the iPad’s large screen which enhances reading experience.

Do you have any of these apps installed in your iPad? What other apps can you recommend? Tell us by leaving your comments below.

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