5 Tips to Help You Come Up With Creative Headlines


The title or headline of your blog content shouldn’t be treated as a mere afterthought. A lot of thought, creativity, and succinctness has to go into it in order to instantly appeal to readers.

Think of it as creating a first impression–how would you want your article to be perceived as at first glance?

If you’re in need of some help on coming up with catchy headlines that would surely engage your readers, here are a five simple tips to get you started.

1. Use the Five Ws and the One H

We’re talking about the “what, when, where, why, who, and how.” These trigger words are best used to arouse curiosity from your reader at first glance.

Asking or stating “how” or “why,” for example, creates an air of mystery that would make the reader want to continue reading to know more.


2. Trigger Emotion

Whether it’s curiosity, mystery, satisfaction, bravado, or what have you, rousing any kind of emotion from your readers at first glance helps in pulling your readers in. Any strong emotion felt on their end pushes them to the point that they can’t help but click on that link or continue on reading the rest of the article no matter how long it may be.

Of course, do make sure that your article delivers on satisfying that emotion instead of just opting for the usual clickbait.



3. Rationalize and Simplify

What exactly is your article about? Gone are the days when vagueness works with a title or a headline. Readers are so much smarter now and the last thing they want is to waste their time reading an article they know nothing about.

Rationalize and simplify your headline by adding in the detail of what you’re talking about. Of course, just make sure it’s unique and interesting. For example, if you’re doing a list article, avoid using “things” or “stuff.” You can go for “tricks,” “facts,” “ideas,” “ways,” and so on.



4. Go for Numbers

One thing that copywriters almost always do, is including numbers in their headlines. It’s still widely used to this day for one simple reason: it works.

But while there’s no distinct rule when it comes to what range of numbers would work best for articles, the challenge is in creating substantial information that your audience would find very educational and helpful to their interests–and not just a lot of listed items just for the sake of having it.



5. Get Creative, But Be Clear and Honest

Steer clear from clichés and make sure to be as clear and honest as you can be, all while getting creative with your headline.

People nowadays don’t want to be tricked into reading anything boring or something that proves to be a waste of their time. Better be straight to the point, as opposed to shady or too over the top with your headline.



Coming up with a catchy headline is definitely important in grabbing your readers’ attention, but do make sure to follow through with an article that’s just as exciting and informative. The key is to pull them in with a well researched and planned headline, and then making it worth their while as they go to the trouble of reading the body of the post until the very end.

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