The coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic has turned the world upside down. Many businesses were forced to close down and some of them remain closed even though restrictions are starting to ease around the world. With this in mind, many businessmen are wondering if they should continue marketing. The pandemic is still raging and many citizens are being asked by their governments to restrict movements outdoors.

If you’re a business owner, knowing what customers want right now can help you survive the pandemic. The answer to this question is in marketing. But with sales down and customers restricted to their homes, do you still need to market during the pandemic?

 Here are some reasons why marketing is important and why you should continue to market to customers.

Marketing Engages Customers

Many customers are stuck at home right now and some of them are isolated from friends and family. Sometimes they need a friendly voice even if it is coming from you. Marketing is a great tool to start or keep the conversation going.

Engaging customers is different from pushing them to buy from you. Engagement means giving them relevant information about your product or service. It is about creating content. Tell them what they don’t know, make it interesting for them.

Social media is a good platform for engaging customers as it gives them a sense of belonging.

Marketing Maintains Company Reputation

marketing engages customers

The growth and lifespan of your business is related to its reputation. This means that reputation determines to your brand equity. Many marketing activities are geared towards building brand equity of the company.

Company reputation is built when marketing efforts meet customer expectations. They consider your business to be a valuable member of the community. Customers are proud to be associated with your products.

Effective strategies for building reputation include effective communication, public relations and corporate social responsibility.

Marketing Builds Relationships


Businesses need to build a relationship of trust and understanding with their customers. Marketing can help meet the needs of customers based on segmentation such as demographics, psychographics, and consumer behavior. Segmentation allows businesses to identify needs and concerns of customers which in turn help them to deliver what is promised. Every time you answer a customer’s need you build trust.

Loyal customers will have more confidence to buy products from you. It is important to build trust between you and your customers because it will make your commercial activities more fruitful.

Marketing Informs Customers

Marketing is a good channel that can be used to inform your customers of products and services you’re offering. Through marketing they will know the usage, value of your product and any additional info that can be helpful.

Competition is stiff especially among your competitors so make sure that you are a constant voice so that you can convince customers more efficiently.

Marketing Boosts Sales

Perhaps the best reason to market is to boost sales. A lot of effort is exerted so that your product or service is seen by its target audience. However, once a product is advertised it increases the chance of being seen or noticed.

When customers see your products advertised they might want to try it which triggers a purchasing decision. When they are happy with your product, they become brand ambassadors and won’t hesitate to recommend or promote your product. Once they spread the word, your sales will begin to increase.

Marketing Helps To Retain Your Relevance

Marketing Helps To Retain Your Relevance

Many businesses have had to close because of the pandemic. Small businesses or those that belong to niche markets are struggling to stay afloat. However, continued marketing can help to retain your relevance especially during these uncertain times.

Many companies think that they will remain in their customer’s minds just because they are their favorite brand. However, customers can be fickle and will forget about you especially if you’re out of sight. You have to find ways to remain on top of their minds and marketing can help you stay relevant.

Bottom Line

Always remember that your competitors will still be continuing with their marketing efforts even during this pandemic. This alone tells you that marketing is important. The only way to gain advantage from competitors is by being aggressive and consistent.

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