Graphic Design

How To Hire A Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are the go-to professional for logos, infographics, labels or a whole new brand identity. Finding and hiring a graphic designer is all about communicating your needs and then having them executed in a manner that leaves an impression to your target audience. The question for many business owners is how to find a...
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Understanding the Basics Before Hiring A Web Designer

Owners of businesses experience a continuous learning curve with the technology in our world today. It is usually not enough to only a business leader, having a good understanding regarding the landscape of social media that is surrounding the ever-growing opportunities – to be able to reach out and attract new clients – are now...
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2018 creative trends

11 Creative Trends to Get Excited About in 2018

Staying in the know of the latest trends is always helpful, especially when the information comes from a highly credible source such as Shutterstock. Every year, Shutterstock comes up with trends to watch out for the new year based on the popular trends that dominated the previous year, as well as emerging ones that are...
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Top 7 Typography Trends to Use This 2018

It’s 2018 and ‘tis the time to be done with the old and in with the new–new fonts and typography, that is. Updating any form of graphic design, whether it’s for your branding, website, content, or what have you, is always exciting, especially when you’re incorporating new typography styles. So without further ado, here are...
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Best Tools to make Killer App Prototypes

Best Tools to make Killer App Prototypes Making prototypes is always a necessity before you launch anything. It saves you from expensive failures and quickly weeds out approaches that don’t work to focus on those that do. You can also be sure of the requirements needed for the final design and the problems that you...
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the best iphone apps every web designer and developer should have_icon

The Best iPhone Apps Every Web Designer and Developer Should Have

The Best iPhone Apps Every Web Designer and Developer Should Have The recent rise of Android smartphones is putting pressure on Apple’s iPhone market.  The rich and competitive features of Android phones directly challenge the iPhone’s global market domination.  But despite the close contest, a lot of people still favors iPhone and even considered it...
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How To Add Value To Design Decisions

How To Add Value to Design Decisions Many designers online share their expert advice and discuss on tips and tricks to do the job but most often fail to give substantial explanation why. For many of the talks at the discussion table, there seems a lack of disclosure why such decisions for the project were...
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How Images Can Help Boost Your Web Conversion Rate

How Images Can Help Boost Your Web Conversion Rate Much of the web contents are images used to stimulate viewers. Therefore, the web is a visual tool filled with images designed to attract audience and persuade them through sales pitch to take action. It’s amazing to see how images can influence the viewer’s action. The...
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Emerging Trends in Web Designing – Infographics

Emerging Trends in Web Designing – Infographics Remember the Steve Jobs memorial infographic? More than 2000 likes on Facebook, close to 1,500 retweets and over 500 LinkedIn shares. To say that the infographic went viral, is understating the appeal of that beautiful piece of creativity and genius. Information graphics or infographics are what you see...
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How to Design Ergonomic Mobile Websites?

How to Design Ergonomic Mobile Websites? Now that we’re in the middle of the mobile era, most businesses are looking forward to create mobile websites to suit the needs of users of smart phones, tables and net books. In line with this, promoting businesses through mobile websites creates a difference in terms of usability, navigation and overall...
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