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By 2024, Australian internet retail is expected to generate $32 billion. It’s estimated that one in ten purchases will be made online. Unlike many other countries, the Australian market requires that a business must be registered with a domain name. We’ve put together a guide to starting an online business in Sydney to help you on your journey into the world of internet sales. We will also show you how to make a good impact by promoting your website.

 1. Write an ecommerce business plan

You don’t just set up a business and make a transaction without a plan and process. Think of the products and services that you would like to sell to your potential customers. Do more research on what services online do most customers in Sydney like to buy online. You can’t sell them a product based only on your assumption that it can get more sales. Look for valid data. Do market research to help you what products or online services they usually recognise. Summarise all the important details you need to include in your plans such as target audience, market analysis, and the products. At this stage, it is a fundamental step to create a website plan. The website plan helps you identify the procedures of all the aspects in your online business’ website.

2. Set up an online shop

Now that you have already finalised your business plan draft, you will now undertake the legal process of starting a business in Sydney. Every country has a different policy on its ecommerce system.

To be able to legally conduct your ecommerce in Sydney, you must first register your business name. You will then receive your ABN, which is a unique 11-digit number that identifies your business. If you have an ABN, you will be able to file tax returns, apply for grants, register a domain, and place orders with other businesses.

3. Choose the right ecommerce platform

It is important that you decide carefully on what ecommerce websites you are going to build. Every successful online business goes through careful market research. What might be the best platform that will give you the most marketing features and tools to help you with your business. If you are a start-up, then consider the platform that has a basic interface. There are a lot of platforms that offer packages that will suit your business brand needs. Shopify, Woocommerce, and Wix are the most widely used platforms by both small and large enterprises. They offer great features such as good high-resolution images, user-generated reviews, mobile friendly, and good security tools to protect your business.

4. Find a reputable ecommerce website designer

A website design is important aside from marketing tools. A good layout on your e-commerce websites has the capability to attract clients. The longer the customer stays on your site, the higher the chance you will be able to convert them into successful online sales. You need a professional layout to present them with a well-custom online store. The rate of success is higher if you will be able to build your credibility. A web design also helps enhance the user experience.  It’s an advantage that you’ll know what is needed to improve your systems. You can hire a professional web designer in Sydney to help you out in customising your store. Adding important plugins and features are also essentially needed.

5. Promote and advertise on social media

Social media plays an important role in the eCommerce system. Facebook and Google are some of the best mediums to advertise your business brand. You can target your audience which is very insightful since you won’t be wasting your resources on placing ads to the wrong targets. A good advertisement has good content. You will have to create eye-catching posters and SEO-friendly content that will also help in optimising your promotional ads.


Creating an ecommerce business is never easy but learning the right process will make it work easily. In Sydney, ecommerce has been on the trend now in the market. According to a study about the Australian market, online commerce accounts for about 9% of all retail sales. There has never been a better time to start an ecommerce business in Sydney than now.

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