How to Get Blog Ideas Straight From Your Customers


With the onslaught of various forms of content all over the World Wide Web, marketers and business owners have struggled to generate enough traffic and leads towards their respective sites.

It’s given that leads and traffic matter to everyone. It leads to sales and revenue opportunities, and a big part of it heavily relies on producing content that’s worth driving customers straight to your site’s doorstep. But when you’ve exhausted all possible topics and grounds to cover for your content, where else can you find quality content that would appeal to your customers?

Spy on Forums

Getting blog ideas straight from your customers isn’t as hard as you may think. You don’t even need to conduct an extensive survey or do further research because all you need to do is spend some time hanging out at forums.

Community forums are an effective way of getting ideas directly from your target market. Of course, you’ll have to do some digging to find the most relevant questions asked by various people and then prepare content surrounding that question or topic.

Some of the most prominent online forums that marketers frequent are the following:

  • Reddit – No doubt the biggest online community forum where anything goes. Reddit may be a bit overwhelming at first but it can be a goldmine if you know where to look.
  • Quora – If you’re not too keen on diving into Reddit, you can go for Quora, which provides you with top questions and answers based on topics you’re interested in. Also helps that Quora has a cleaner and more organized layout, making it easier to search for relevant topics.
  • Warrior Forum – Warrior Forum is known to be the most popular Internet marketing forum there is. Perfect for beginners and pro marketers, you’ll be able to find a wide range of topics you can create content for that would appeal to your customers.
  • Yahoo! Answers – Anything goes with Yahoo! Answers as well, but given a little patience, you’ll find topics that may arouse the interest of your target audience.
  • Inbound – Inbound is another favourite online marketing forum, where you can search and go through a bevvy of topics in different aspects of digital marketing.
  • Wicked Fire – Wicked Fire is known to be a more advanced version of Warrior Forum. Pro marketers would be more comfortable discussing and researching through advanced tactics and techniques in digital marketing from this forum.

The key to hitting the content game is combining proper keyword research and a relevant question, and then providing informative answers for your customers. Even just one question would do for one blog post and given the amount of questions you can find in these forums, your blog content planning would already be set for the whole year!

Just remember to include all the important aspects of a winning piece of blog content: write in accordance to your persona or brand identity, provide a solution to your customers’ needs, and drive their attention with a catchy call to action.

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